EmprendeBelux aims to support Spanish residents in Belgium and Luxembourg on the long road to entrepreneurship and business consolidation.

In the last few years, there has been a major increase in the number of Spanish entrepreneurs and freelancers who develop their activity in Belgium and Luxemburg. We are aware of the many challenges that they face, therefore whether you have a business idea or you have already launched your company in Belgium or Luxembourg, we invite you to join the EmprendeBelux community.

We have designed a special programme oriented to support you in each one of the steps of the creation and promotion of your business. In EmpredeBelux we want to know your project, help to boost your business and connect you with other entrepreneurs in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our main objectives are:

    • Encourage the establishment of Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium and Luxembourg by supporting them during the whole creation procress.
    • Create a network of Spanish entrepreneurs and freelancers abroad.
    • Contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment as an occupational choice.
    • Promote exchanges between Spanish professionals in Belgium and Luxembourg.

For more information about the programme we invite you to visit the website of the programme.

  • Who can participate?

Spanish residents in Belgium and/or Luxemburg who have set up their business or intend to launch it shortly.

  • Services

Initial advice services

  • Accounting Advising
  • Legal Advising


  • Start-up funding strategies
  • Market Positioning Strategies
  • Business Communication Techniques


  • Promotion of their activities within the members of the Chamber and other members of EmprendeBelux
  • Networking meetings between the members of the Chamber and other members of EmprendeBelu
  • Promotion in newsletters, directories and social networks of the Chamber
  • Recruitment service though EmpleoBelux

  • Cost

All entrepreneurs who are members of the Chamber in any of its categories can participate in the EmprendeBelux program:

        • Regular member: 350€
        • Sponsor: 1.750
        • Benefactor: 3.500€


*Annual fees exempt from VAT
EmprendeBelux is also intended for entrepreneurs who have established their company in the last 24 months or are setting up their company Belgium and/or Luxemburg:

        • Participant Startup: 175€ + VAT (21%) annual. *


* Participants in this category can take part on the program for a maximum period of 24 months.

  • Contact

Arturo Ibáñez

Project Manager

Soraya Bravo

Project Manager