Conferencia: Inversión financiera y gestión de grandes patrimonios

Conference on «Financial Investment and High Net Worth Management»

On May 5, in collaboration with the Spanish firm B Law & Tax, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized a conference at the Meliá Hotel in Luxembourg, which was attended by numerous experts from the financial, tax and real estate sector in Luxembourg to listen to this lecture on “Financial investment and wealth management”.

Marta González, the secretary general of the Chamber, introduced the speakers, Inmaculada Pineda, partner, and Elsa Ochoa, tax advisor, both at B Law & Tax, and introduced the topic.

The speakers then took the floor and explained how to deal with the taxation of financial and real estate investment, as well as the savings opportunities provided by different investment vehicles under Spanish law.

Among other issues, the speakers addressed topics such as the taxation of financial income obtained by residents and non-residents in Spain, looking at the differences in both cases and how to avoid double taxation between Spain and Luxembourg. Other topics such as the taxation of real estate income and the taxation of “Trusts” in Spain, or “SICAVs”, among others, were also discussed.

Anyone who is interested in the conference and could not attend can contact the Chamber so that we can provide you with a copy of the presentation, as well as put you in contact with the speakers if you wish.