First Edition of “Workshop on Visual Thinking for everyone”

The past 13 and 14 February, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized the first edition of the “Workshop on Visual Thinking for everyone”. The course was given by the visual facilitator Alejandro Gil (Ale Listens and Draws), member of the EmprendeBeLux program. The objective of the workshop was to make the bases of visual language known and to learn how to prepare better presentations.

During the first day, Gil explained how to improve basic elements of visual language such as shapes, objects and colors. Everything was developed through a “learn by doing” methodology, which consists of putting the content shown during the session into practice. At the end of the first day, every attendee had the opportunity to draw a presentation and share it with the rest of the participants.

On the second day, he provided more information about the different elements necessary to prepare an exposition. In addition, the participants learned how to develop a personal template related to the presentation´s objectives, all through practical exercises that enlivened the morning.

The workshop, which was a complete success, took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and all the attendees had a really participative attitude.