Galicia-Flandes meeting about fishery issues

Last Tuesday 6th of December, in the headquarters of Vlaamse Visveiling, the institution that controls the fish markets of Zeebrugge, Oostende and Nieuwpoort, took place a meeting between representatives of Galician organizations and ship-owners and their Flemish counterparts. The event was organized by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Foundation Galicia-Europa.

Johan Van de Steene, Director of the fish market (Vlaamse Visveiling), was in charge of the presentation of the trading system.

The Belgian Fisherman’s Association (Rederscentimg-20161207-wa0002-003rale) were represented by Emile Brouckert, Director of Rederscentrale (Oostend), who talked about the characteristics of the Belgian fishing fleet, their fishing areas and the relationship with Belgian and European authorities in relation to quotas and legislation. Brouckaert expressed his concern about sustainability, quotas and Brexit’s consequences.

The Galician delegation was accompanied by our President, Juan Rodríguez-Villa.

The Chamber, the  Galician Foundation and Delegation of Fisherman’ and shipowners would particularly like to thank you, the kindness, the explanations and the attention received from Jan Buisseret, Director of Business Development of Vlaamse Visveiling, who, speaking a perfect Spanish, was a key person for the success of the meeting.