Company: Fundsquare
Interviewed person: Israel Cuesta
Position: Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager

Briefly describe your professional career

My first professional experience in the banking financial sector was at Caixa Laietana where I worked as a cashier and then as a salesperson selling the entity’s products. After a year I joined Santander in Security Services, bringing the list of foreign institutional clients who invested in the Spanish stock market. 6 years later, I moved to Allfunds Bank, there I led the alternative funds department always in middle-office until 2008 where I had the opportunity to move to Luxembourg to launch the new Allfunds International office coordinating the incorporation of new accounts and looking for new markets. In 2013 I was offered to join the Luxembourg Stock Exchange to contribute to the development of the Fundsquare business, initially I was taking care of the relationship with large accounts but quickly the commercial part took more weight, currently I combine both and I am also responsible for the expansion of business in Iberia and Latin America.

Which activity is your company currently doing in Luxembourg?

Fundsquare is a market infrastructure that supports the fund industry, banks and all kinds of entities that are obliged by their activity to send reports to the different regulatory authorities in Luxembourg. We are the transmission channel for these reports and our system also facilitates the connectivity of investment managers with more than 70 foreign regulators for the commercialization of their funds from Luxembourg to the rest of the world. Our website is the official website of the CSSF to publish all funds domiciled in Luxembourg, which allows us to offer services for sale and the dissemination of data and documents.

Which added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to its competitors?

As mentioned before, we are a market infrastructure where all the actors in the financial sector converge: banks, investment managers, consultants, fund managers, Transfer Agents, lawyers, auditors, etc… meaning that the fact of centralizing the connection with all the different regulators make us a unique model in the world. This positioning allows us to have a very complete vision of the Funds Market and know how to help each client based on their role in the market. Part of the success of the international distribution of LU funds in the rest of Europe and in many countries around the world comes due to the specialization and tools that our solution offers, or at least that’s what we like to think.

Which link has your Company with Spain?

Fundsquare’s link with Spain occurs in two ways. Firstly, all Spanish funds domiciled in Luxembourg or Spanish managers that decide to open here will work with us directly or indirectly, in the same way that Spanish bank branches and subsidiaries in Luxembourg will use our services.

On the other hand, the second way is through my commercial work in Spain where we have already signed a contract.

Which added value do you think the Spanish Financial Forum (SFF) can bring to the financial services industry in Luxembourg and to its professionals?

Any initiative that gives Luxembourg visibility in the Spanish financial market it is very interesting, in the same way that it is important to give relevance to the Spanish financial sector already established in Luxembourg, we are not the largest but we have been gaining presence in recent years.
For professionals working in this industry it is definitely a good tool to make new contacts, exchange ideas, impressions, experience and seek synergies.