Company: DLINEA Architecture & Design
Interviewed person: José Serrano Sanz
Position: Architect Director

You decided to start a professional project in Luxembourg by creating Dlinea Architecture & Design, your own architect’s office, 6 years ago. What advantages does Luxembourg offer in your sector?

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage is not something directly linked to architecture, it is the moment of expansion that we are living in Luxembourg, since the continuous arrival of expatriate workers generates a very large need for accommodation and infrastructure. Therefore, it allows us to have the necessary volume of work so that little by little we can grow.

How has your company developed over the years? Which are your challenges for the future?

It has evolved a lot, since at the beginning I was alone and over the years we have formed a team of 4 people, with very different profiles, which leads us to be much more competitive and face greater challenges.

In the short/medium term, our intention is to continue growing and open a second office in Spain, to be able to carry out some works that have been proposed to us and to even to extend our service to people living in Luxembourg who want to carry out a project in Spain.

What added value can your company offer to the members of the Chamber, and in general, to the Spanish people living in Luxembourg?

In addition to obvious reasons such as the comfort of being able to express yourself in your mother tongue and having similar cultural references, I believe that what has most characterized our team is the treatment and closeness to the client. We are aware of the strong economic investments that are being made and if we add the lack of knowledge of the environment and the different administrative processes, many stress situations are generated.

Therefore, one of our priorities is to explain the evolution of the project in detail and always involving the client to carry out “his project”.

How has the COVID-19 health crisis affected your activity? How has the sector had to adapt to the new circumstances in Luxembourg?

Undoubtedly, it was a challenge. Works in progress had to close, and delays have accumulated due to difficulties for construction firms in finding material suppliers.

Regarding the office work, I must admit that we were ahead of the tragedy and a few weeks before the confinement we were finishing digitalizing the company. Besides renewing our social networks and web, we incorporated internal communication and file management systems to be able to do our work from anywhere.

I must admit that fortunately we anticipated the situation and a few weeks before the lock-down we were finishing digitizing the company. Besides renewing our social networks and website, we incorporated communication systems and internal file management to be able to carry out our work from anywhere .

The great challenge of all architectural firms has been to incorporate remote working through different tools. Strong investments have been made in computer platforms and equipment, although in my opinion, it is an investment for the future since it will be the trend in a few years.

For the post-COVID recovery, Luxembourg has announced its commitment to a sustainable and responsible economy. How do you think your company can join this major challenge?

On an architectural level, our greatest challenge is to continue making the buildings more and more efficient, until we achieve “positive energy” buildings with great design.

On the other hand, we are committed to responsible consumption by using recycled or reusable materials, supporting the concept of “Cradle to Cradle” which is the basis of the circular economy. Through this trend, we try to imitate nature until no waste is generated.

En los últimos años, desde la Cámara hemos identificado un número creciente de españoles que deciden lanzarse con un proyecto de emprendimiento en Luxemburgo. De acuerdo con su experiencia en estos últimos años, ¿qué consejos podría darles?

I believe that the first thing is to encourage them to be courageous, not to be afraid, we must make a leap! But on two conditions:

  1. They must be well prepared and trained for the work/service they are going to offer. By this I do not mean that they know everything, but that the service they offer is of quality and professional, whatever their business.
  2. That they are aware that they are in Luxembourg, where the culture and character of the people is different. So, a good study of the local market is essential.