Company: Tiberghien BV
Interviewed person: Stein De Maeijer
Position: Counsel
Phone:+32 2 773 40 00
Post: Havenlaan|Avenue du Port 86C B.419 BE-1000 Brussels

Can you briefly describe the origins of the Tiberghien law firm and what have been its main milestones over the years?

The origins of the Tiberghien law firm are inextricably linked to Albert Tiberghien. This man, who is considered to be the founder of fiscal studies in Belgium, left a permanent footprint in the Belgian fiscal landscape throughout his career. One of his biggest accomplishments was starting a small law firm in 1939 called “Tiberghien and co”. A project that has grown non-stop over the years, strongly sustaining its core values and leading to today’s Tiberghien law firm.

There are several milestones in the history of the firm, but the ‘Tiberghien Tax Law Manual’ as well as our membership to the WTS Global network have definitely put us on the map.

The ‘Tiberghien Tax Law Manual’, which is published annually, is the most reputed of many academic contributions in which our firm invests. This manual covers all taxes in Belgium, federal and regional, and also addresses international taxation on more than 2000 pages. ‘The Tiberghien’, as the manual is usually called, is a reference work on tax law since 1955, and Courts regularly refer to it in their judgements.

Tiberghien is an exclusive member firm of WTS Global in Belgium. With representation in over 100 countries, WTS Global is a leading global tax practice offering the full range of tax services. All member firms of WTS Global are carefully selected through stringent quality reviews, and are strong local players in their home markets. Our membership to this network gives our firm a global reach and enables us to assist our clients in almost every jurisdiction in the world.

For a client linked to the Spanish market: what are the main services provided by Tiberghien and what is its added value?

Tiberghien is specialized in all domains of taxation, advising corporate, private and institutional clients. We provide advice, mediation, negotiation and litigation services in tax and related legal practice areas. Our tax & legal insights are substantiated with economic advice provided by the economic consultancy firm Tiberghien Economics, offering services in transfer pricing, valuations, business modelling and legal economics.

Via the WTS Global network, we closely cooperate with Arco Abogados y Asesores Tributarios, which is the exclusive member of the WTS Global network in Spain. This strong alliance enables us to assist Belgian companies which are – or intend to become – active on the Spanish market and vice versa. Both Tiberghien and Arco are also very well known for assisting private clients with their estate planning and private investments. A Belgian resident who is on the verge of buying a second residence in Spain or who is considering to enjoy his or her well-deserved retirement in Spain, is strongly advised to first identify the tax consequences and would definitely come to the right place at Tiberghien.

What sets Tiberghien apart from other Belgian law firms specialised in taxation?

The specialty of Tiberghien lies in an integrated, multidisciplinary, 360° service oriented approach on the intersection of corporate tax and estate planning, both in a national and international context. Considering the scale and level of specialization of our team, we are able to treat all domains of tax in great depth.

Our special position on the market is well-known and highly appreciated and attracts a diverse clientele in a wide range of industries. Tiberghien heavily invests in a client centered approach and in building long term relationships. In more than 75 % of all cases clients rely on our services for multiple years.

Regarding the firm´s future, how do you plan to expand your business relationship with Spain?

Tiberghien has recently created a Spanish desk in order to proactively approach corporate and private clients with a link to the Belgian and Spanish market. Since I speak fluently Spanish and regularly commute between Belgium and Spain, I was more than willing to take on this new initiative. Spanish speaking clients can certainly address me in Spanish.