Company: Brigit Art Gallery
Interviewed person: Carolina Toyos
Position: Owner

Although you have always been interested in the world of art since you were a child, you have a law degree and spent the first years of your professional career practising law. Why did you decide to devote yourself fully to painting when you arrived in Belgium?

I found a very favourable climate, more favourable than I had ever known before. Taking it up again gave me great personal satisfaction and I wanted to continue along that path.

Before settling in Brussels, you lived for several years in the Caribbean and then in Africa. Did these experiences change your conception of art?

They changed my conception of life and also of art, it is a very enriching life experience. I really appreciate the sincerity of African art, the beauty they are able to transmit with very basic forms, it is really magical.

There I started a collection of bronzes that I continue to this day.

In 2018, you opened Brigit Art Gallery in the heart of the Sablon district of Brussels. What is your assessment of these years of activity?

It has been enormously positive. I enjoy a double vision as a gallerist and as an artist, and I think that’s a great advantage for me.

The gallery specialises in both national and international contemporary art. What criteria do you use when selecting artists to exhibit at Brigit?

I follow a rather personal criterion. Above all, I look for quality. I exhibit artists that I like very much, it couldn’t be otherwise. Enthusiasm is transmitted to the client. If I don’t believe in something, I don’t do it, even if it’s fashionable or commercial.

Has your view of the art industry changed in any way since you have been running the gallery?

My vision is similar, but logically, now I know it better. It is a very particular and very complex industry, with many visible and invisible faces.

What would you like to achieve at Brigit Art Gallery in the coming years?

I would like the gallery to be known for its quality. I exhibit a lot of Spanish and Hispanic artists. There is a lot of talent to show, and as a Spaniard, I am proud of it.