Company: Porcelanosa Luxembourg (Ets Leon Steffes S.A.)
Interviewed person: Charles Steffes
Position: Board Member

How did the opportunity to partner with Porcelanosa in Luxembourg arise and how did the collaboration come about?

At the end of 2022, we were contacted by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg to see if we would be interested in participating in Porcelanosa’s Associate program. As we had been considering expanding our range of interior furnishings for some time, we did not want to miss out on this opportunity and had an initial discussion with the people responsible at Porcelanosa. The synergy between the two parties quickly aligned and after a brief visit of the factories, the first ideas emerged as to how we could design our showroom in Luxembourg.

As we constructed a new office building for our company in 2020, the old building was left empty and after some renovations and together with the Projects Department, we then drew up the concept and decided which products would be best suited to the Luxembourg market. We started the works in September 2023 and officially opened our showroom at the start of 2024.

Which activity does your company currently develop and how has this new partnership changed the way you operate?

The company Leon Steffes S.A. is a third-generation family business whose main activity is the trade of building materials. Over the years we developed our range of products from (at the very beginning) brick tiles to today over 7000 products. One of the activities we wanted to develop was the field for interior design. The partnership with Porcelanosa is therefore ideal in enlarging our way of operating and being able to offer a larger range of products for our clients.

When did you open your showroom and how does it work?

Our Showroom opened on 19th of February 2024 and is designed to welcome all kinds of clients (private, companies, distributors etc.).

What services can you offer to other members of the Chamber?

All members of the Chamber are kindly welcome to visit our large indoor and outdoor exhibition. We recently opened the bespoke Porcelanosa Showroom with a multitude of beautifully designed bathrooms, kitchens, floor and wall ceramics. But we are also very proud of our outdoor Garden City Exhibition. With an outdoor exhibition surface of over 2600m2, we have the largest garden model exhibition in the larger region. This allows us to present a full range of products and always present new trends and products to our customers.

Our highly trained personal is happy to assist members to realize their dream project. We can assist on any questions they may have about products or projects and can also offer product training if required.