Company: Traductor.lu
Person Interviewed: Davide Cavanna
Position: Sworn translator and interpreter
Email: info@traductor.lu
Website: www.traductor.lu


Shortly describe your professional career.

After concluding my studies in Switzerland, Italy and England, in 2013 I came to Luxembourg as an employee, translating in-house for the e-commerce giant, Amazon. I then worked for a German fund management company based out of town before I turned to full-time freelancing as an independent sworn translator and interpreter in 2016. Italian is my native language and I work with Spanish, French, German and English.

Which activity does your company currently develop in Luxembourg?

As a sworn translator before the Court of Luxembourg and of Germany, I can help companies and private citizens deal with the authorities efficiently whenever it comes to documents requiring a certified translation. Thanks to my extensive network of colleagues, I can propose a solution even for languages I do not personally speak. As an interpreter, my goal is to ensure smooth communication across languages in every meeting, be it virtual or physical, in a business, cultural or other setting.

What added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to its competitors?

The fact that I operate independently ensures overhead costs are close to zero, as I do not have to pay salaries to anyone but me. Collaborating with several trusted colleagues, at the same time, means that I can offer a range of services with a short turnaround time. I can be your one-stop shop for linguistic services in Luxembourg and beyond, from sworn translation to proofreading and editing, from conference to business (liaison) interpreting.

What services can you offer to other members of the Chamber?

I would be glad to assist other members of the Chamber in their business and personal activities in Luxembourg and in the neighbouring countries (Germany, Belgium and France, notably, but also Italy and Switzerland). My presence as an interpreter can be required to facilitate meetings involving Italian, French, German and English, whereas as a sworn translator I can make sure your official documents are swiftly accepted by the relevant authorities in the language you need. I focus on the macro areas of finance, law and marketing in specialist translation.