Company: DS Compliance
Interviewed person: Elisa Da Silva
Post: Managing Director
Email address: edasilva@dscompliance.lu
Website: www.dscompliance.lu

Elisa DS Compliance
Briefly describe your professional career.

After an internship at the European Parliament in Luxembourg in 1998, and as the job market in Luxembourg was very dynamic compared to France, where I studied law in Dijon, I stayed and found a job in the financial sector in 1999.

Since then I gained professional experience in compliance in several positions in Luxembourg: in a Portuguese bank, Espirito Santo; in a fund distribution platform Allfunds Bank (from 2008 to 2012), as Compliance Manager; and I also held the position of Conducting Officer in fund managers when the European Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers was issued in 2011.

I launched as an independent in 2014, almost 10 years ago, setting up my company, DS Compliance.

What is your company currently doing in Luxembourg?

DS Compliance is a company whose objective is to offer services in the field of compliance in Luxembourg.

The 3 main services of DS Compliance are:

  • Advice on your internal governance, in terms of anti-money laundering.
  • External CR and independent advisor mandates for investment funds and fund managers, administrators.
  • Specific training on anti-money laundering and new regulations applicable to your business.
 What added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to your competitors?

DS Compliance offers you:

  • A specialised service, dedicated to an area of expertise.
  • A personalised service, with a contact person.
  • A proximity service, through direct access to a lawyer and operational compliance expert in Luxembourg, who has almost 25 years of experience in the sector.
  • An efficient response capacity.
  • Customised solutions focused on your priority needs.
What added value do you think the Spanish Financial Forum (SFF) can bring to the Luxembourg financial services industry and its professionals?

The added value that the Spanish Financial Forum can bring is to be in contact with Spanish financial sector players and project initiators. It is also the possibility to be aware of the concerns of these actors and to respond as well as possible to their needs. It is also a vehicle for communication with members of the Luxembourg compliance and fund industry. It is up to them to come into compliance and DS Compliance can help them with its knowledge of the market and its connections with the regulators.