Company: Ferra Studio
Interviewed person: Florencia Ferraro
Position: Founder
Instagram for products: @ferra_studio
Instagram for services: @ff_olio

Photography by Navid Razvi

When and how did your interest in graphic design and photography start?

I think I always had an interest in creation. I have memories of taking drawing classes as a child and experimenting with different techniques related to what we called “crafts” at the time. I was fortunate enough to be able to choose my high school orientation and focused directly on art, design and communication. When it came time to choose academic studies, graphic design presented itself to me as a “framework”, a career that could give me the basic knowledge to later work in various functional graphic art activities. Photography came to me during a holiday, and it really got through to me. I started on a self-taught path and, after training in a photographic studio and taking several workshops, I began to work on it, both practically and as a teacher.

At what point do you decide to settle in Luxembourg and start your own business?

Like many people here, I came to Luxembourg accompanying a couple. Although I initially had my reservations about moving to a smaller place (my previous residence was in Paris), upon arriving here I felt very comfortable and discovered the wealth of cultural exchange that the Grand Duchy offers. At a time when my job search was not yielding the expected results, I was drawn to the 3D printer we had at home. Recognising the potential that was opening up to me with this new tool, I decided to start experimenting.

After a long period working as an employee of a communication agency I decided to revive this project that excites me so much, currently dividing my time between the production of objects and the development of design and photography services.
It is important for me to highlight the great support of the Luxembourg State for entrepreneurs, offering everything from training to financial aid. Without a doubt, the entrepreneurial spirit here is something worth exploring.

At Ferra Studio, you are committed to the 3D design of colourful and sustainable accessories and products. What does 3D printing bring to your designs?

Having worked for so many years in design from digital (I’ve been a designer and photographer for about 12 years now), 3D printing emerged as a valuable opportunity to bring my ideas to life in the material world, enhancing my ability to customise products to the preferences of our consumers.

It fills me with excitement to see so many people wearing my products, something that adds a little colour to an often grey Luxembourg. The material I use, biodegradable PLA, opened the door to a world I am passionate about. I firmly believe that as designers we must take responsibility for what we bring into the world.

I am committed to creating products with less environmental impact, as well as broadening the offer to reach different types of users. I am excited to continue to learn and grow in this field, recognising that each step I have taken so far marks only the beginning of an exciting journey of discovery.

What would you like Ferra Studio to achieve in the coming years?

My greatest wish is for Ferra Studio to continue to grow. I strongly believe in the potential of the brand and envision numerous ways to apply both the values and the aesthetic language I propose in different media. I am working on a new line of decorative objects, and I am excited about the prospect of expansion into new markets, starting with Belgium..

As for my services as a designer and photographer, I enjoy contributing to the development of new brands and ventures. I am motivated to contribute to initiatives with a social or ecological impact. Of course, I am also open to hearing about different types of projects, and about the ideas that members have in mind.

What can you offer to the other members of the Chamber?

I offer the members of the Chamber my extensive experience in graphic design, especially in branding, as well as in product and lifestyle photography. My work experience in different countries and sectors has been extremely enriching, giving me the necessary tools to tackle a wide range of projects with a personalised approach and great attention to detail. I am committed to providing creative and effective solutions, ensuring close collaboration.

I look forward to contributing my experience and passion to the success of the projects we undertake in this Chamber – contact me and let’s discuss your project!