Company: Schuttelaar & Partners
Interviewed person: Lorena van de Kolk
Position: Managing Partner

What is the mission of Schuttelaar & Partners?

Since the birth of Schuttelaar & Partners almost 30 years ago, our activity has always been linked to promoting a healthier and more sustainable world, with special emphasis on improving people’s quality of life. We work with our clients to make a firm commitment in this direction.

On a more concrete level, what services do you offer to promote this healthier and more sustainable future?

At Schuttelaar & Partners, we excel in our ability to deliver customised solutions to our clients in three key areas: agri-food, health sciences and sustainable energy. What sets us apart is our diverse team of more than 100 specialists, ranging from agricultural engineers to web designers. Our work not only encompasses communications and public affairs strategies; we also excel in areas such as corporate social responsibility analysis and compliance with due diligence standards and sectoral regulations. In addition, our presence in Brussels allows us to have an impact at the European level, making us a key strategic partner for companies seeking to promote a healthier and more sustainable future.

What types of clients come to you the most and what services do they demand the most?

Throughout our history we have worked and continue to work with all types of clients. From large multinationals in the agri-food or pharmaceutical sector to public entities (local or national bodies, European agencies and institutions and even Horizon Europe projects). We have the ability to convey complex information to all types of audiences, providing our creativity so that our clients’ work translates into successful campaigns of which we can be proud.

Why is being present in the European environment interesting for Schuttelaar & Partners and what do you expect from your membership in the Chamber?

We are a company with a clear European vocation. The EU is the standard bearer for many policies and proposals that seek a lower impact on the environment and a better future for citizens and that, therefore, have a real impact on the social and business fabric within and beyond its borders.

Moreover, Spain in particular is a market in which we would like to start playing a more active role. I am in love with the country – having lived in Galicia for several years – and I have Spanish professionals in my team, so we would love to strengthen our ties with Spanish companies and institutions and the Chamber is the perfect organisation for this.