Kick-off meeting of the European project START

On the 29th of March took place in Brussels the launching meeting of  START – Strategic ParTnership to Improve InternAtionalization skills of SMEs in ReTail sector, project coordinated by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg.

After a first online consortium meeting, shortly after the attribution of the project, which served to identify the first steps to be followed in the implementation of the project, as well as the persons responsible for the daily management, this second face-to-face meeting in Brussels, organised by the Chamber, has served to motivate the collaboration and create links between the partners.

The main objective was to start the project activities, to identify the different work packages and the partners responsible for each of them in order to achieve the first result: the development of a mobile report (App) on the competences needed by retail SMEs that decide to internationalise, according to representatives of this sector.

START is a 24-month project that aims to promote the internationalisation of SMEs in the retail sector, stimulating economic growth and development. To assist entrepreneurs and professionals in the retail sector (both future and active) in the development of an international strategy for their business, thanks to an adequate training able to guide them in the internationalisation process and its successful implementation.

In addition, the project will seek to:

  • Support the development of the figure of the “internationalisation manager” for SMEs.
  • Train entrepreneurs, start-ups and decision-makers in the sector.
  • Train young people and unemployed people looking for new job opportunities in this sector.
  • Increase the digital literacy of learners to facilitate the distance learning process and to optimise the use of e-commerce technologies to further develop small retail businesses.

We will keep you informed about the evolution of the project!