MobiliseSME la oportunidad de colaborar para la innovación

MobiliseSME, the opportunity to collaborate closely together to achieve innovation

Ehlen Boukje is the owner of Consulting, a Dutch consulting firm that advises companies and research institutes on funding acquisition, business development and communication about research & innovation. In 2020, driven by curiosity and an ambition to improve people’s resilience in health, Ehlen studied a master’s degree in Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI) that sparked ideas for new business opportunities, which is now leading the company on a new path.

On the other hand, Dominic DeCaluwe, is one of the two owners of the Belgian company Crescendo MHP. He is a passionate triathlete that has turned his love for and knowledge about sports and physiology into his profession. With this attitude, he created the company MHP (Mastering Health and Performance) that focuses on supporting customers to become their own masters for their own desired situation.

Ehlen has stayed for 6 months in Belgium to exchange knowledge, expertise and practices with Dominic, and jointly set-up a knowledge bank for therapists and their clients.

During this period, they introduced each other their contact network and interviewed clients and therapists to understand their needs of knowledge. They managed to create the structure of the knowledge bank and took the time to develop and submit a joint grant application.

Both partners affirm that without the support of MobiliseSME programme they would not have had the opportunity to collaborate so closely together and to drive the innovation they were willing to achieve.

The Chamber is the coordinator of this EU initiative and the local contact point in Belgium and Netherlands for the programme.

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