MobiliseSME: Intercambio de ideas y trabajo en equipo

MobiliseSME, the perfect way to exchange ideas and profit the teamwork

Vilda Ramoskaite is the face and voice of Academy of Cognizance, an NGO based in Denmark constantly working on youth mobility projects, using non-formal education methods and introducing the importance of mindfulness to young professionals around Europe.

Her objective is to build a community where people can share, grow, and develop new relations, having the precious feeling of belonging.

Sonia Amroun is the founder of Awid Aman, a collaborative community project in Spain, where remote workers and digital nomads co-live in a warm atmosphere with stunning nature and home-prepared local food.

Their purpose is to provide an opportunity for individuals to live slow-paced, in small cities, to revive deep connections and improve their relationship with nature and humanity.

Since June 2022, they are collaborating in “La Isla Bonita” through the MobiliseSME programme. There they exchange their knowledge, experience and ideas about co-living and community creation, support each other to expand their contact network and wide their skills on management, marketing and social media.

They have organized different events for social entrepreneurs, trying to raise awareness on the conscious movement, the femininity or share the secrets of permaculture, among others.

The common objective of Vilda and Sonia is that everybody works together to live conscious and sustainable lives, and they have found in the MobiliseSME programme the “perfect way to express, exchange ideas and profit the teamwork”

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