Plenary session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce: “It is impossible to be competitive without being sustainable”

Pleno Cámara

Juan Rodríguez-Villa Matons, President of FEDECOM Europe.Africa-Asia-Oceania, participated in the Plenary session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which was held on 19 July Santander Bank’s headquarters in Madrid. The meeting was also attended by the Director-General for Environment of the European Commission, Daniel Calleja.

Calleja highlighted that the Chambers of Commerce have a crucial role to play in implementing policies to promote the competitiveness and the growth of our businesses. He claimed that to consolidate the economic recovery we have to work in four areas: investment, internationalization, innovation and adoption of new production models, and, finally, integration and education.

In addition, the Plenary session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce approved the incorporation of Gestamp, Orange, SEAT, SUEZ Spain, Deloitte and Fire de Barcelona as vocal collaborators. With the inclusion of this new group of companies the business participation in the institution through the vocal collaborator role is widened and strengthened. Which is is a key element in the Chamber system empowerment.

Source: Spanish Chamber of Commerce