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ARCA is a spanish company of  full service based in Madrid and Brussels for over 30 years. Their experience linked to consulting and project management ranging from advice in identifying financing funds, European and other multilateral donors, until the preparation and management of projects.

ARCA trayectory highlights in the international field  in the sector of trade facilitation and support in the implementation of partnership agreements, particularly with Latin America and Africa, in areas such as customs, intellectual property, government procurement, support for pymes, among other matters of interest.

Their  work has been developed with EuropeAid, BID, BM with other donors. Alongside these activities ARCA follow up European law in their intra- and extra-regional dimesión, being a company registered in the Register of Lobbies and with an experience of over ten years in the field of European transport, and issues related to economic and trade relationships with third countries from a point of view strictly parliamentary.

Finally, it is also remarkable the presence of ARCA in the management of Structural Funds (FEDER, FSE, FSE) and their support in verifying the fulfillment of the European regulations for the correct justification of funds with Spanish national entities. All these activities have enabled them provide training to their clients in European issues related to Public Private Partnership, Lobby, multilateral market access, among others. Their commitment and support to public and private institutions in the knowledge of European opportunities in all areas is within their range of services. ARCA support the European internationalization of their services and access to financing, management and justification of the funds available.Arca consortium