Spanish-Belgian assets planning: get advised to optimize

On 29 October the conference about “Assets planning in a Spanish-Belgian inheritance context ” took place in Brussels, at the Spanish Chamber of commerce in Belgium and Luxemburg.

DSC_0049Rafaël Álvarez Campa, Partner in Brussels at law firm Wantiez, Bailleux, Causin & Janssen, and José María Moyano, Partner at the law firm Adarve Abogados in Madrid, both members of the International Network of tax experts Law and Numbers, were the speakers of what proved to be an interesting and interactive workshop, which gathered an important number of Spanish expatriated people who are tax residents in Belgium, and have financial interests in both countries.

During the seminar different questions about the Inheritance and Gift Tax – affecting tax residents in both countries – were examined. Undoubtedly the topics that generated more interest were Real Estate taxation and the recent Sanction to the Kingdom of Spain for unequal treatment between Spanish residents and non-residents on the Inheritance and Gift Tax.

“The need of being advised in advance is essential, because when the logic ends, then Belgium starts” Rafaël Álvarez Campa says, as an example of the complexity that can imply the correct planning of expatriated people’s assets planning. “Moreover if we take into account that there’s no existing agreement between Spain and Belgium to avoid double taxation in Inheritance and Gift matters”, José María Moyano emphasizes.

The conference was attended by numerous participants.