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First afterwork with members

The past 21st September, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized the first afterwork with members of the Chamber at the restaurant Hispania Brussels. The afterwork is an initiative of the Chamber which aims to encourage networking among members and the generation of new business opportunities.

Members from different companies associated to the Chamber participated on the afterwork. Once all the attendees arrived to the venue, the Secretary General of the Chamber, María Catalán, said a welcome word, thanking the attendees participation. Afterwards, she introduced the translation company Lextrad.

After that, Marina Lanckmans, Founder – Director of Lextrad, introduced the company and its services. During her intervention, she explained the responsibilities every translation company has and she highlighted the importance of owning an exhaustive knowledge of the working languages, their cultural, sociological, economic and political contexts with the aim of providing an excellent translation service.

Finally, the Chamber offered the attendees an appetizer, allowing them to interact a bit longer and enjoy an ideal environment to generate new business opportunities. The afterwork was a complete success and the Chamber wishes to continue this initiative regularly.

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Satisfaction survey for members of the Chamber

One of the main objectives of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg is to always offer the best quality in the services we provide to our members, permanently seeking to adapt ourselves to their specific needs.

Our main source of information on the degree of satisfaction and opinions of our members is our staff, who always provides a personalized service regarding any suggestion, comment or eventuality coming from our members.

However, said information is incomplete; we would therefore like to obtain direct and anonymous feedback from our members.

As a result of this willingness to improve, we have designed a brief survey regarding different aspects of our institution so that members may rate them and, in case they would wish to do so, make any personal comments. The data resulting from this questionnaire is completely anonymous and will help us to keep improving every day and provide the members with the best service possible. Your opinion is very important for us.

We would certainly appreciate it if you could complete the survey in the following link.

In case you encounter any problem when logging in the Intranet, please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber: info@e-camara.com