The Chamber brings young talent together through the PICE mobility program

The European projects consultant and member company of the Chamber, CONEXX-EU, decided to participate in the PICE mobility plan as a host company at the beginning of October. This program offers young Spanish graduates or residents in Spain the opportunity to carry out professional stays in companies in the European Union.

The company discovered this exchange program thanks to an info-day organized by the Chamber and immediately decided to participate because they found it a fantastic opportunity not only for the professional development abroad of the person they were hosting but also for the company itself, allowing them to expand their team and meet new talent. Furthermore, the process of incorporating the candidate and the different steps they had to take had easy and simple results. Therefore, they recommend the program and will undoubtedly welcome new trainees within the framework of the PICE program.

They decided to select Laura Rodríguez for her many qualities and all the value she could bring to their organization. Once the administrative procedures were ready, they drew up a specific work plan for her and organized some introductory sessions both to the organization and to the work carried out by them in order to familiarize her with the new concepts she would encounter during her stay at CONEXX-EU. For the company, Laura’s vision was very enriching, as they consider her to be a very decisive person who has provided new solutions to problems that have arisen in the implementation of the projects in progress at CONEXX-EU. Andrea Escobar, project manager of CONEXX-EU, says that “many times when we are within a project or the same work dynamic for so long, we do things automatically almost by inertia, a new vision helps us to look from another perspective, and thus we update and improve”.

Laura began to work on a face-to-face basis, but at the end of October, due to the increase in cases and the measures put in place by the health authorities, she had to move on to do her work experience remotely. Despite this, she adapted perfectly due to CONEXX-EU’s previous experience with teleworking. Despite having arrived in Belgium in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic with the consequent challenges, Laura was able to integrate easily thanks to the attention and communication with her colleagues and the accompaniment from the Chamber. For her, this was an experience of learning and personal growth, having to move to Brussels in such a particular situation made her develop new skills, giving her at the same time the opportunity to live in another country, meeting new people and living different experiences. For them, I would encourage all interested young people to participate in the program and enjoy the opportunity.

The PICE mobility program continues to offer new vacancies in Belgium on a regular basis and at the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg we continue to work at the disposal of companies and interested parties.

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