The Chamber of Commerce and the Agencia EFE in Brussels decide to collaborate to promote the “Marca España”

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg and the delegation of the Agencia EFE in Brussels have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of giving a higher visibility to the Spanish companies operating in Belgium and Luxembourg and to the Spanish professionals working in the European institutions and in the EU environment.

The agreement establishes a general framework of collaboration between both institutions, taking advantage of the wide range of services of commercial promotion, information, advice, logistic and administrative support offered by the Chamber and the wide information coverage of the Agencia EFE, a world leader in information in Spanish.

After signing the agreement, Pablo López-Álvarez, President of the Chamber, and Catalina Guerrero, Director of the Brussels delegation of the Agencia EFE, defined the priority actions.

“With this collaboration, we seek to benefit not only our partner companies but also to promote Spanish interests as a whole, both in the Belgian and Luxembourg markets and in Brussels. as the capital of the EU. This is something that both institutions have been doing separately for decades and so this collaboration was a logical decision”.

For her part, Catalina Guerrero stated that “this collaboration will undoubtedly open up privileged channels of communication between Efe and the Spanish companies located in Belgium and Luxembourg, and will help to give greater depth to our coverage of economic information and to nourish our specialised services even more. In this way, Efe, the first Spanish media to open an office in Brussels, maintains intact its European commitment and its public service vocation, with the largest deployment in the European capital and with a team that has just been reinforced”.