The Chamber participates in the presentation of FEDECOM’s Company of the Year 2023 award to Talgo


The Federation of Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania (FEDECOM), of which the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg is a member, presented its Company of the Year Award to Talgo on Wednesday 9 May in Berlin.

With this award, FEDECOM distinguishes each year a Spanish company that stands out for its commercial activity and international profile in one of the member countries of the Federation.

The German Minister of Transport, Volker Wissing, was in charge of presenting the award at a ceremony in which the Spanish Ambassador to Germany, Ricardo Martínez Vásquez, the President of FEDECOM, Eduardo Barrachina, the Spanish Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Méndez, the CEO of DB, Richard Lutz, and the President of Talgo, Carlos del Palacio, also spoke.

Representing the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, the event was attended by its Secretary General, Marta González Benguria.

Wissing highlighted the cooperation between Talgo and the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) as a living example of cooperation in Europe. “The existing agreement between DB and Talgo is a living example of successful cooperation in Europe,” he said.

In his speech, Martínez Vásquez highlighted the close economic relationship between Germany and Spain and said that today it is difficult to find an important sector in Germany in which there is no Spanish company present, and vice versa.

Barrachina, for his part, emphasised that Talgo had managed to enter one of the most complex markets, the German railway market, and defined the company as one “with a Spanish soul and a global spirit”.

Lutz was pleased with the cooperation with Talgo, whereas Del Palacio assured DB of a close cooperation in everything that needs to be solved after the delivery of the trains. The speakers agreed on the importance of the railway in the decarbonisation of the transport sector.