The Chamber presented the EYE programme at the University of Antwerp

On the 22nd of October, the Chamber presented the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme to 24 masters students of the University of Antwerp.

The objective of this online session was on one hand, to discuss with the students about entrepreneurship and what does to be an entrepreneur mean. And on the other hand, to help them develop their business model canvas.

The students also had the possibility to present their business ideas to the project manager of the Chamber, Soraya Bravo, who gave them individualized recommendations to improve their business plans.

The result of this session will be known in December 2020, when the students will present their business projects in a pitching session. The project manager of the Chamber will attend the final presentation as an advisor for the students.

The Chamber thanks invitation to the University of Antwerp, and to Lieve Vangehuchten, Head of Spanish Business and Professional Communication at the Institute of Academic and Professional Communication (IPAC) of the University of Antwerp and looks forward to continue collaborating with them to promote entrepreneurship among university students.

If you would like to know more about the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, please contact: Soraya Bravo