New measures adopted in Luxembourg to fight the Covid-19 virus

The Luxembourgish government has adopted new measures addition to the already existing ones. They are of three types and will apply during one month.

  • A curfew will be applied between 23h and 6h. At that time, you will have to be at home. Residents will have to organize themselves: 23h will not be the time they leave the restaurant table, but the time they are present at home.
  • Amateur sports competitions are suspended. This weekend, in the BGL League, only four of the eight scheduled matches took place. Therefore, the FLF has also decided to postpone all of them.
  • The social bubble narrows to four people. This is the maximum number of guests you will be able to receive under your roof at the same time and without protection masks. Specifically, you will be able to receive four people living in four different houses. Or more than four people if they belong to the same household. But not four groups of four people from different homes.
  • Four is now also the maximum number of people allowed in the same restaurant or café, unless they belong to the same family.

Source: Paperjam