The president of Fedecom takes part in the Plenary Session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Juan Rodríguez-Villa Matons, president of the Federation of Official Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, took part on July 18th in the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which took place at BBVA headquarters in Madrid, concurring with the celebration of the “Big Data, Big Day” event and the presentation of the BBVA Research’s “Impacto de la Digitalización de las Empresas Españolas” report.

During the meeting, José Luis Bonet, president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, performed a first balance of the “Plan de Impulso a la Digitalización de las Pymes Españolas”, a project jointly launched with BBVA whose object is to explain and foster Spanish SMEs’ transition to a a digital environment. This program agrees with BBVA Research’s report when stating that, even if Spain is better equipped than other Southern European countries like Italy or Portugal, there is still a great margin of improvement when it comes to SMEs’ adaptation to new technologies.

To conclude, the forum stressed the importance of said adaptation not only to improve SMEs’ competitiveness in mature market niches, but also as an engine for exports to new markets. These tools, along with new data-engineering techniques, are, according to the experts, the future of Spanish small and medium enterprises.