Compromiso Asturias XXI presents its delegation in Brussels

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg hosted the past June 30th a presentation of the delegation of “Compromiso Asturias XXI” in Brussels. The event had the presence of the President of the Association, Mr. Carlos García-Mauriño as President of Honor, Mr. Diego Canga Fano and Mrs. Pilar Roza Manzano (bot founding members of the Association), as well as many members of Compromiso Asturias XXI, residents in the European capital and members of the Yearbook of Asturian Professionals Abroad.

Carlos Coronas Balsera will be the person in charge of the delegation of Compromiso Asturias XXI in Brussels, which will try to gather all Asturian settled in the Belgian capital and work as a link towards the activities of the Association.

The meeting was a singular time to get together many Asturian professionals working in the Belgian capita and at the same time, keeping a tight connection of ideas, support and collaboration with the region of Asturias.