The President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Bonet, held in Paris his first official ceremony abroad

bonet3The conference, entitled “The internationalization of the Spanish company: Freixenet, Fira de Barcelona and Spanish Chamber”, was the first official ceremony as President of the Chamber of Commerce, in one of the Spanish chambers of commerce abroad since he became president on November 19, 2014.
The Lunch Conference, attended by the Ambassador of Spain in France, Don Ramón de Miguel, as well as representatives of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Benelux, Hong Kong and the president of FEDECOM (Federación de Cámaras de Comercio Españolas en el extranjero), had a large influx of attendees, most business representatives foster international relations, in particular between Spain and France.Bonet, in his speech, made a great emphasis on the current recovery Spain, the importance of international relations and export as well as the leading role in Europe. Specifically, he closed  with a summary: Talent, Labour and Determination and in one word; “optimism”.

“I think we can be optimistic about the possibility that Spain took again another quantitative and qualitative leap, to the surprise of many over the past 50 years. With this perspective we will work in the Spanish cameral system that has always been at the service of the country. ”

bonet2The new President of the Spanish Chamber, who represents 88 Chambers of Commerce in Spain and 38 Spanish Chambers abroad, summarized in three main objectives, points to be addressed by the Chamber; “1- The representation, promotion and protection of the general interests of commerce; the industry, the services and the navigation, in other words the general interests of the company, 2- The internationalization of companies and 3- the competitiveness of companies.”

Joseph Michel Garcia, President of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in France, opened the event with a speech in which he emphasized the strength of the Chambers abroad as interlocutors of the exporting companies and invited to strengthen ties between the Spanish chambers of commerce abroad and in particular to reinforce relations between the Spanish chambers of commerce abroad.


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