The SFF defines its structure with the appointment of several coordinators to lead the areas of Banking, Asset Management, Insurance and Tax

A few weeks after the launch of the Spanish Financial Forum (SFF), the forum keeps progressing in defining its operating structure in Luxembourg.

After the end of the period of reception of candidacies presented by the members of the SFF to lead the different sub-sectors, it has been decided to appoint the following coordinators for this first stage of the project:

  • Banking: Paloma García (Banca March Luxembourg Branch)
  • Asset Management: Jesús Orozco (EY)
  • Tax: Eduardo Trancho (Van Campen Liem Luxembourg)
  • Insurance: Antonio Corpas (The OneLife Company)

Several members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors have participated in the candidate selection process, taking into account previously established objective criteria such as experience in the corresponding sector and the proposal of initiatives within the framework of the SFF.

The four sub-sectors will be coordinated in turn by the Vice President of the Chamber in Luxembourg, José Luis Rodriguez Álvarez.



This functional structure will last twelve months, counting from the month of May 2020. After this period, an internal selection process will be established among the members of the SFF for the appointment of the next coordinators.

To date, more than 20 companies and 40 professionals linked to the financial services industry in Luxembourg and Spain have applied to join the SFF.

For more information on the objectives of the SFF and the application for membership, see HERE.