Workshop on “Preparation of technical offers for European tenders”

On November 21st and 22nd, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg held a workshop on “Preparation of technical offers for European tenders”, which aimed to train the staff of the participating companies to allow them to have the knowledge to start preparing tenders in accordance with the procedures of the European Union. The course was held by Karine Brück, founding partner of Karine Brück International (Ecosolve SL).

During the first day of the training, the participants had the opportunity to prepare a technical offer, analyse and understand the tender conditions and terms of reference or learn about work plans and the strategic approach common to all offers, as well as, good practices and recommendations in the writing of the technical offer.

The second day of the course was focused on the preparation of an economic offer and the analysis of its strategic context, as well as the preparation of different types of economic offers. The participants also received recommendations for the preparation phase of the economic offer.

During these two days, all attendees had the opportunity to learn about different tools, which will help companies to detect opportunities and improve the preparation of technical offers. At the end of the course, Brück answered questions and clarified the doubts of the participants. The workshop was developed in a participative and dynamic environment in which attendees could understand the necessary knowledge to winning offers.