Young Professionals Network Night

The 28th of February, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg participated in the fifth edition of the Young Professionals Networking Night, an event supported by the Chamber and organized by different European chambers based in Belgium.

Jan Vermeiren, author of Let’s Connect! How to REALLY use LinkedIn and Life is a Game! explained how to improve our personal branding and the importance of having and updated and powerful LinkedIn profile for attracting potential customers and/or recruiters.

The keynote speaker Laurentine Van Landeghem presented her experience as an entrepreneur. With her company Clouds of Fashion, Laurentine has become an excellent example of how relevant has become social media in engaging costumers. She highlighted the importance of having a strong and well-defined personal brand. Clouds of Fashion is now a booming business with stores in Antwerp, Knokke and Gent.

The event was an opportunity to link up with other young professionals from no less than thirteen international and local Chambers of Commerce from across Belgium.