“Changes that may affect your HR management” conference held


Last 13th of April, the Chamber hosted in its premises the conference “Changes that may affect your HR management”, organised in collaboration with the member company SD Worx.

The speaker was Valérie t’Serstevens, legal consultant in national and international law at SD Worx. She started her speech by speaking about the new changes in the Belgian labour law and how they will affect the day-to-day relations between companies and their employees.

In this regard, t’Serstevens gave details on the new rights of Belgian workers in areas such as jobsdeals, flexible working hours during the new four-day working week or the right to disconnect outside office hours.

The conference also discussed issues such as the reduction of deductibility when buying company cars. The measure aims to give priority to zero-emission vehicles.

At the end of the conference, the speaker explained the new developments in determining in which social security must be paid for employees who work in Belgian companies and who regularly telework from other EU Member States.