Company: SD Worx
Interviewed person: Emilie Delannoy / Anne-Lise Dumortier
Function: Global Sales Consultant / Account Manager Luxembourg
Postal address: Rue du Fond Cattelain 5, 1348 Mont-Saint-Guibert (SD Worx) / 89 F Rue Pafebruch, 8308 Mamer, Luxembourg
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Twitter: @SDWorx
LinkedIn: SD Worx

Emilie Delannoy
As a multinational company, SD Worx has followed a strategy of expansion over the years, gaining presence in more and more regions of the European Union. How long have you had a branch in Luxembourg and how well established is it?

Anne-Lise: In Luxembourg, SD Worx has been delivering HR Services for over 39 years and relies on a multidisciplinary team of more than 90 employees, whereof 50 dedicated to our payroll services. We calculate over 30.000 pay slips per month for customers from different business sectors (Industry, Bank, Insurance, etc.). The office in Luxembourg exists from about 40 years, and for 15 years under the name of SD Worx. It was the first international extension of SD Worx Belgium, and we can say that it is a success.

Emilie: I started working at SD Worx 5 years ago and I saw the company evolving fast in a very exciting and impressive way: nowadays, more than 7000 employees are working together across 26 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom). SD Worx is one of the top five HR providers in the world and we all share the ambition of becoming the number one.

What are the main services carried out by SD Worx and what is your added value in comparison to other similar companies in Luxembourg?

Anne-Lise: The wide range of SD Worx’s services covers the entire Payroll process, from HR administration to salary calculation. This process is secured by Tax & Legal experts taking care of local and international specific cases. Our 5 closely related domains of expertise offer tailor-made services supported by a range of digital solutions:

Qualitative payroll management, either as insourcing (on-site intervention for specific missions) or outsourcing (taking care of the global payroll).

– SD Worx offers extensive legal assistance and provides access to information related to social law and income tax.

– The Luxembourg Learning Centre offers a wide range of training in the field of Compensation & Benefits, HR and payroll taxation.

– In case of a one-off or structural need, our team of HR consultants supports your company in the framework of its daily HR management activities, such as administrative staff management, talent management, performance management, etc.

– With its Protime solution, SD Worx offers the possibility to integrate workforce management functionalities such as time recording, absence management and personnel planning.

SD Worx offers globally its payroll and HR solutions to both SMEs and large organisations. What customer profiles are you targeting in Luxembourg?

Emilie: It all depends on what the company is looking for. Is it a company located abroad willing to expand its activities in Luxembourg and employ people for the first time ? Is it an established Luxembourgish company currently growing and looking for a payroll provider able to offer more services (such as workforce management, talent management or staffing solutions) in addition to the domestic payroll solution? Are there salary splits situations demanding a fiscal expertise ? Is it a multinational company looking for a global payroll solution for all countries at once?

One of our strengths is to be able to answer our clients’ expectations whatever their size : from 1 employee up to thousands, our modular digital solutions and specific HR services are fitted to ambitious SMEs or large organizations that value strategic and long-term business relationships.

¿Cuáles son los retos más importantes a los que se enfrentará SD Worx en un futuro próximo en Luxemburgo?

Anne-Lise: Due to the specific positioning of Luxembourg in the heart of Europe, many challenges are related to cross-border situations. Every day, several thousands of employees cross the Luxembourgish border from France, Belgium and Germany. In this context, many specific tax rules must be applied, and our experts practice continuous legal watch with the objective to inform our payroll consultants and to give the right information to our clients.

Emilie: Indeed, social legislation can change rapidly: our role is to keep the employers informed at any time. We closely follow the evolution of the bilateral agreements and European guidelines to ensure full compliancy to SD Worx’s clients regarding salary calculations, tax calculations and people management.
Thanks to our digital approach, we were able to adapt and maintain our services to support our clients during the exceptional covid-19 pandemic: I don’t know what the future will bring but I am confident that SD Worx will be able to react quickly and well as we did at that time.