Masterclass about Disruption, “Exonomics” & Tech Trends


On May 14th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, organized in collaboration with its member company ESADE Business School, a masterclass on “Disruption:”Exonomics “and technological trends”. The masterclass was given by Xavier Ferrás, Doctor in Economics and Business by the UB, MBA by ESADE and Telecommunications Engineer (UPC) and was attended by various associations, members of the Chamber and representatives of Spanish public institutions.

In the first place, Xavier gave a few words of welcome and thanked the attendees. Later, the main theme of the masterclass was presented: to provide a global view of global disruption trends, the interactions between established companies and new players, as well as the dynamics of teams and the leadership of innovation.

Throughout the talk, different key points were addressed. In the first place, an attempt was made to understand the global trends of disruption, detailing the most relevant and disruptive technologies that influence the technological environment of the economy. The commercial implications of exponential technologies were also pointed out, with special emphasis on how the productive and commercial processes have evolved in companies, generating the need for business transformation and adaptation to the environment.

Ferrás also wanted to expose the dynamics of the innovation teams, which represent engines of transformation for organizations, given that we are in an innovative and digital economy. Likewise, leadership in innovation was taken into consideration, presenting how the way of leading companies towards more innovative and productive ways has evolved.

Another important issue was the foundations of technology management, that is, the whole process of research, development and adaptation of new technologies in the company as a whole, taking into account those technologies used in management functions, as well as in the production of goods and services.

Additionally, there was a review of the current technologies with a faster development and evolution that are of great importance for the industry and its adjacent sectors. We are talking about technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain Technology, among others.

Finally, the floor was open for questions in which Ferras had the opportunity to provide further information about the subject.