Webinar on “Social Media Management for Businesses”

On May 14th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of in Belgium and Luxembourg organized a webinar on “Social Media Management for Businesses”, in collaboration with Philippe Schifflers, digital marketing consultant and online trainer. The webinar had more than 30 participants.

The Social Media Management for Businesses webinar was designed for profiles looking to level up their Social Media, regardless of the industry or company size.

To ensure the viability and lifespan of your Social Media project, it is vital to understand the importance behind a Social Media audit, the elements behind a Social Media strategy, how to engage with customers, understand GDPR, collaborate with stakeholders & influencers, effectively manage events & online reputation, learn how to work with a Social Media calendar and navigate through a Social Media crisis.

This training was delivered in English.


Philippe Schifflers began with an introduction explaining the role of the Social Media Manager. Next, he explained the different social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and the different strategies of these.

He also talked about how to create a calendar to manage and organize social networks.


He mentioned the importance of “Stakeholders” and “Influencers” in the world of networks, the employee advocacy in social media, the value of having a good reputation, how to manage a crisis and about the General Data Protection Regulation.

Finally, the different necessary tools that someone dedicated to the Management of Social Networks should know were also detailed. Such as Canva, Get Emoji, Feedly, RSS Feeds, Google Alerts, Slack, Buffer, Hootsuite, Bitly, etc.


During the conference, the participants were able to raise their doubts about the exposed information.

From the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of in Belgium and Luxembourg we want to thank Philippe Schifflers for their presentation and dedication, as well as the participants for their presence.