19/09 III Meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium

On September 19th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg will organise the third meeting between Spanish entrepreneurs in Brussels. On this time, the training and language support grants available for entrepreneurs in Brussels will be presented. One of the main obstacles for foreign entrepreneurs in Brussels is the bilingualism of the region. It is estimated that those who know French or Dutch are more likely to succeed when implementing their business in the city.

In addition, attendees will have the possibility to interact with other entrepreneurs and exchange contacts and experiences around this topic. The event will take place at Language Studies International, a language center that offers courses to both companies and professional organizations, as well as individuals.

Through these meetings the Chamber has the objective to encourage the exchange of ideas among Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium and continue broadening the network of Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium.

We invite you to register to the event via this link. If you are member of the chamber you can also confirm your participation writing an email to soraya.bravo@e-camara.com