19/09 III Meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium

Third meeting with Spanish entrepreneurs in Belgium

On 19 September, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized the third meeting between Spanish entrepreneurs in Brussels, at the offices of Language Studies International, a company member of the Chamber.

On this occasion, the meeting was focused on the training grants available for entrepreneurs in Brussels region. The attendees discovered in detail how to access to these training grants, in particular to language courses.

One of the main obstacles for foreign entrepreneurs in Brussels is the bilingualism of the region. It is estimated that those who know French or Dutch are more likely to succeed when implementing their business in the city.

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and exchange contacts and experiences around this topic.

The Chamber took the opportunity to present the new website of EmprendeBelux, a programme aimed at supporting Spanish entrepreneurs in the country and designed to accompany them in launching their project and/or consolidating their businesses.

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