Company: Lemmer Law
Person Interviewed: Joë Lemmer
Position: Lawyer – Managing partner

Briefly describe your professional career.

LEMMER LAW is an international law firm focused on international clients with a strong focus on Spain and the Spanish-speaking world. Founding partner Joë Lemmer is Honorary President of the Union of European Lawyers (UAE).

What is your company currently doing in Luxembourg?

LEMMER LAW’s activities are legal advice, drafting of legal opinions, contracts and related to proceedings banking law, financial, real estate, commercial, international of companies as well as assistance in the establishment of companies, preparation of minutes of meetings and advice at meetings and councils. We also act in jurisdictions and in litigation in financial, commercial, tax, civil, transport, criminal and civil liability matters. We work in 8 languages including Spanish.

What link does your company maintain with Spain?

LEMMER LAW advises Spanish individual clients/companies/institutions in Luxembourg and to Luxembourgish and Belgian clients in Spain. We are a Luxembourg law firm and we have been operating since 1995. We are able to work and advise our clients in Spanish. Since our firm advised in the 1990s on the establishment and monitoring of the first Spanish financial institutions in Luxembourg, we have always maintained regular and stable contact with Spain and our Spanish clients.

How do you think the Spanish Financial Forum can add value to the financial services industry in Luxembourg and its professionals?

For LEMMER LAW in particular and the Luxembourg financial services industry in general, the greatest added value of SFF is undoubtedly the networking between partners. SFF is also the connecting point for financial relations between Luxembourg and Belgium as well as Spain. It is also a great opportunity and a pleasure to be able to connect and exchange with operators and institutions in Spain, Luxembourg and Belgium through SFF.