Spanish analytical wine tasting

On the 1st on March the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg  organized a Spanish wine tasting seminar. The event was presented in English by Alfonso Escubós, diplom. oenologist and educator of the Academy of Wine of Spain.

In an analytical wine tasting one glass of each wine was provided for every single participant to be tasted, from the very beginning; thus, six wines would mean a set of six glasses. When the presentation of each wine has been completed, the taster could analyze and compare all of them.

In a conventional sequential wine tasting, this possibility of comparative analysis, is limited and can also be compromised when the glasses are not the most suitable and/or even reused for the next wine sample to come. The seminar was not only fast tasting / work the 6 wines, it involves everything, from the glass to the cork including the bottle, the varieties, DO, etc.