Breakfast meeting of the year with this partner Global IT Solution

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce (CCE) hosted its final business breakfast of the year on Wednesday at the Hotel Meliá with a presentation entitled “Tailor made Business Solutions for small Companies : Challenges and Solutions”.

CCEBreakfast2-20141217-600After a short introduction by CCE President Sergio de Miguel-Jessel the presentation was given by Bernard Blocail, Managing Partner of Global IT Solutions, and his wife Véronique and took the form of a real life case study which highlighted how a small business was able to replace an antiquated and highly labour intensive working environment with a tailored cloud based invoicing, planning and knowledge sharing system at an acceptable price. The company understands the need to allow small companies to be able to continue to operate their own work flows while at the same time taking on a new system, and so challenges itself to provide a “semi-bespoke” service while still keeping costs reasonable. To some approval Mr. Blocail closed by explaining to the assembled audience that his company’s philosophy was that the goal of any software should be to provide a real added value to the company, otherwise it becomes a frustrating and expensive waste of time and money.

Mr. de Miguel-Jessel then closed the meeting by thanking the speaker, the attendees and particularly Guillermo Mungía Barquín of the CCE for his great organisation of the breakfasts. Watch out for an announcement in the next few weeks on the CCE’s programme for 2015.