“Comprar una segunda vivienda en la Costa Blanca: el porqué y el cómo”

Webinar on “Buying a second home in Costa Blanca: the Why and the How”

On Thursday 2 December 2021, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium in Luxembourg organised the webinar “Buying a second home on the Costa Blanca: the why and the how”, in collaboration with the Spanish company Provia.

During this webinar, the speakers Jesualdo Ros, Secretary General of Provia, and Caroline Clinton, Head of the Customer Service Department of Abaco Advisers, on behalf of Petra Bettens, legal advisor at Abaco Advisers, provided the attendees with information about the process of buying a second property in Spain and the benefits of this acquisition on the Costa Blanca.

Jesualdo Ros was the first to speak, sharing with the audience the statistics related to the purchase of flats and villas in the province of Alicante and giving advice on what are the first steps to take and what to consider when hiring someone to advise you on the purchase.

Price increases

Ros explained to the audience that currently Belgian nationals with property on the Costa Blanca are spending more time in this second home and are buying larger, more expensive and newly built properties. The secretary general of Provia added that because of this, prices have increased by an average of 4% but that the average age of the buyer has dropped to 52 years old.

Next, the floor was given to Caroline Clinton, from Abaco Advisers, who focused on the six steps in the process of buying a property on the Costa Blanca. Clinton explained that her company has provided legal advice to many Belgian nationals looking for a property and has helped them to establish contacts with notaries and local banks.

During the question and answer session, both speakers answered the doubts of the participants regarding the figure of the notary during the purchase process or the differences that exist between buying a flat or a house on the Costa Blanca.

From the Chamber, we would like to thank the speakers for their participation in this webinar and also for the interest of all the attendees.