First Breakfast with Members of the Chamber in Luxembourg

Last March 16th the first breakfast with members of the Chamber took place at Cercle Münster in Luxembourg. The event was attended by new members, as well as companies that have been part of the Chamber for years.

Representatives of EY, KBL, Van Campen Liem, Fiduciaire Premier Luxembourg SA, Peter & Clark, LuxHotels, Igmasa, Bodegas Salferso, IN ART Fund Art, Ruiz de Peralta Abogados and Meteora had the chance to share a coffee and chat in a privileged atmosphere: Cercle Münster.

All of them introduced their companies’ activities and agreed on the relevance of this kind of events to promote networking and increase the number of contacts in different sectors.

Time and date of our next breakfast in Luxembourg will soon be announced.

Member breakfast meeting – 25 February

The “Member breakfasts” are an initiative of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg in order to promote the networking and to encourage the generation of business opportunities among its member companies. It is a free and exclusive activity for the Chamber’s members.

Due to the wide variety of sectors to which our more than 200 members belong, and with the objective of making this initiative as useful as possible, we would like to invite you to tell us about your sectors of interest, and/or which members you are interested to have contact with at our next breakfast, by sending an email to

For this, we recommend you to check the List of members of the Chamber.

More information here.


Breakfast meeting with members: Opportunities for business development in the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg

The member breakfasts aim to promote integration and generate business opportunities and networking between the members of the Chamber.

If you are a member of the Chamber and you are interested in participating in this initiative with companies of your sector, please send an e-mail ( with the name of the partner companies of which you are interested in establishing a contact.
To this end we invite you to visit the list of Members of the Chamber:

Subsequently, the Chamber is responsible for configuring the groups, according to your interests. During the breakfast each participating company will expose very precisely to the other partners (maximum 5 minutes) which aspects you want to advertize most about your company. Then there will be time for networking.

Third partner breakfast of the year

On 10 September, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg celebrated a new partner breakfast at its headquarters in Brussels. On this occasion we counted on the participation of Brussels Invest & Export, Corporación Mondragon, Cedenor, Zabala Innovation Consulting, Aragón Exterior and Communication Package, all of them partner companies of the Chamber.

During the meeting the participating companies had the opportunity to present their activities and to mention the most important projects they are developing. Thanks to this initiative, the Chamber intends to promote networking between its members and to encourage synergies that could be established within the field of European projects.

Second breakfast meeting of partners of the year

On 16 April, the Chamber celebrated its successful second partner breakfast meeting of 2015; a breakfast that was attended by both companies being associated for years with the Chamber as others that have recently joined.

Representatives of DS Avocats, PBLH, Wantiez, Bailleux, Causin & Janssen and Deloitte presented their business activities and agreed on the importance of residing in Brussels when discussing the networking expansion and the impact of the company.

The next breakfast meeting of partners will be on Thursday 21st of May in the headquarters of the Chamber in Brussels. If you want to assist, fill this document.

First partner breakfast

The first Partner breakfast of the year, celebrated on 19 March in Brussels, has counted on the presence of representatives of partner companies Air Europa, ArcelorMittal, Finnovaregio, K&L Gates, Swan Consulting SCS and Zabala Innovation Consulting.

During the meeting, the participating companies had the opportunity to present their activities and establish contacts with the rest of the partner companies.

The Partner breakfasts are introduced with the aim of promoting networking and encouraging business generation between the partners of the Chamber.