1/10 Online Breakfast-Debate with Jorge Ferreras Gutiérrez, Coordinating Financial Counsellor of the Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU

On Friday October 1st from 9:15h to 10:30h, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organizes a new virtual breakfast in the framework of its “Business Circle” platform. Jorge Ferreras, Coordinating Financial Counsellor of the Permanent Representation of Spain to the EU, will participate in the debate.

The main topic of this event will be “Business taxation in the European Union: The Communication of the European Commission on this matter and the implications of the recent agreements of the G20 and the OECD”.

The breakfast will be held in Spanish.

You can register for the breakfast by filling in this reply form.

22/09 Event “Digital Europe – Good practices in Spain and in Belgium”

Next 22nd of September, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce will organize, in collaboration with BECI (Chambre de Commerce et Union des Enterprises de Bruxelles) and Enterprise Europe Network, a conference under the topic “Digital Europe: good practices in Spain and in Belgium”.

Here you can find the provisional agenda.

The event will take place on WELKIN & MERAKI premises (Av. des Arts 6, 1210 Brussels) and it will be held in English.

To register for the event, please send an email to info@e-camara.com indicating in the subject line “Registration – Digital Europe: Good practices in Spain and in Belgium”. Limited places.

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Digital ICT Week

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its Enterprise Europe Network, together with Farvest Group, will organise the 2nd edition of the Digital ICT Week that will take place on 13 – 17 September 2021. The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg will once again be an official partner of this event.

The Digital ICT Week, built around the ICT Spring tech conference in Luxembourg, will encompass a rich and varied programme to keep its promise to showcase the best tech trends and provide growth opportunities for start-ups and SMEs through its highlight events, such as

  • the Digital Summit
  • the virtual tech visits
  • the International Business Meetings by b2fair
  • and much more…

To register and find more information on the event, kindly consult the website HERE.

This year, the event will be hybrid, offering the possibility to interested companies to participate virtually or physically in the event. Startups interested to participate as exhibitor in the ICT Spring can benefit from a preferential rate of 300 EUR. This offer includes:The participation in the DIGITAL ICT Week is free of charge.

  • The logo or the name of each startup of all communication supports
  • Logo link of the company on the ICT Spring website
  • 4m² stand in the startup’s village – Equipment, including a table and two chairs
  • 2 tickets for the startup team
  • Participation in the International matchmaking meetings by b2fair

In case of interest, please contact us: luxemburgo@e-camara.com

Second edition of the SFF Magazine

The second issue of the SFF Magazine, a publication produced by the Chamber in the framework of its Committee “Spanish Financial Forum”, focused on the financial sector, is now available.

The SFF Magazine is a sectoral publication targeted towards all those professionals working in the financial services industry who wish to be informed of legislative news, trends and business development opportunities between Spain and Luxembourg within this sector.

This publication is quarterly published both in Spanish and English, and it is distributed for free in digital format. The contents are provided by members of the SFF and financial stakeholders in both countries.

The second issue contains:

  • An opinion section focusing on unit-linked life insurance as a wealth planning solution.
  • Interview with Luis Alberto Aguerre Enriquez, Counsel at VANDENBULKE.
  • Quarterly dossier dedicated to Fintech companies and digitization of the financial sector, with a comparative view of the Fintech ecosystem in Spain and Luxembourg. It also highlights 10 Fintech & Insurtechs to watch in 2021, and includes a section with expert views on the role of technology companies in the financial services industry. The dossier is completed with a best practices article on digital innovation carried out by the RBC I&TS financial team.
  • A section with current information from SFF members and collaborators.
  • Current legislative articles:
    • Taxonomy: how a financial market tool becomes the backbone of the EU Green Deal.
    • Alternative investment in Spain: regulatory framework and financial sector.
    • Private Equity: awaiting development and steps towards democratization.

View HERE the second edition of the SFF Magazine

You can subscribe HERE to the SFF Magazine


Webinar on “EU Funding Week for non-profit organizations- Project Management”

On May 27th and June 1st and 3rd, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized the training on “European Funding for Non-Profit Organizations – Project Management” in collaboration with FondosEuropeos.eu and LocalEurope.
During these three days of virtual sessions, the best tools and competences to access and manage European funds in the multiannual financial framework 2021-2027 were presented to the participants.

In addition, during these three sessions, different topics were discussed, among which it is worth highlighting the European funding, the search for partners and projects, as well as the administrative, financial and communicative Management necessary for a succesful operation.

From the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg we would like to thank FondosEuropeos.eu  and LocalEurope for their collaboration and dedication and the participants for their presence.

Webinar on “Teleworking from Spain” 

On May 19th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organized a webinar on “Teleworking from Spain” in collaboration with its member companies BakerTilly, Pro-Pay and Racine, with the participation of Bert Dehandschutter, partner of the law firm Racine, An De Wever, legal advisor and Inge Janssens, legal and immigration director, both from Pro-Pay N.V. and Dany De Decker, Tax Partner of Bakertilly Belgium.

Due to COVID-19 health crisis that forces employees to telework from home, as well as the context of digitalization in which we find ourselves and which makes it possible to work from anywhere with a simple internet connection, many employees choose to move their office abroad either for a short or long period of time. Spain continues to be one of the preferred destinations in this regard.

During the webinar, the main administrative issues that may arise when employees who normally work in Belgium decide to go temporarily to Spain to work from there were addressed, focusing on issues related to social security, labor law and tax consequences.

Among the doubts clarified in the webinar, there are issues related to tax legislation in the case of teleworking from Spain with a Belgian labor contract or issues affecting self-employers working for companies present in a country other than their own.

From the Chamber, we would like to thank the speakers for their interventions and all the attendees for their presence.

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The Chamber presented Young Entrepreneurs’ fuck up stories: Partners and partnerships at StartIt KBC 

On May 12th, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organised the online presentation “Young Entrepreneurs’ fuck up stories: Partners and partnerships” together with the start-ups’ incubator Start it @KBC, in the framework of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE)in collaboration with the member company Vision Communication Consultancy. 

The “Young Entrepreneurs’ fuck up stories” presentation focused on the fact that starting as an entrepreneur is not always easy, highlighting that the most important thing is to learn from failure. In this case, in Partners & Partnerships: love me or leave me, the speaker was Ramon Villafounder of the member company Vision Communication Consultancy. Villa shared his experience and the lessons learned from his mistakes as a starting entrepreneur as well as advising the participants on how to build their first business partnerships. 

Addionally, during this presentation, the participants discovered more information about the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programmewhich aims to connect entrepreneurs from all over Europe and promote the exchange of experiences between them. The participants not only had the opportunity to know more about the requirements to participate in the programme as New Entrepreneur (NE) and Host Entrepreneur (HE) but also about the support offered by the Chamber to take part in the programme and carry out an exchange. 

The Chamber thanks Ramon Villa and Start It KBC for their collaboration and hopes that many start-ups can benefit from this initiative.  

Webinar on “Changes that may affect your HR management”

Last Tuesday 27th April, the Official Spanish Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg organised a webinar on “Changes that may affect HR management” in collaboration with its member company SD Worx.
During this webinar, Valérie t’Serstevens, legal consultant in national and international law and Hugues Thibaut, public affairs consultant, both from SD Worx, reported on recent changes that may affect the human resources management of companies.

Among other issues, topics such as measures related to Covid and vaccinations, support for remote working, the possibility of hiring a British employee with Brexit or whether the reduction in social contributions for the first six employees hired still applies.

From the  Chamber, we would like to warmly thank Valérie t’Serstevens and Hugues Thibaut for their participation, our member company for SD Worx their collaboration in organizing this event and all the attendees for their presence.

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Webinar: “Covid-19 response: examples of solutions in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain”

Last Thursday 22nd of April, the Cultural and Scientific Department of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium and the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Luxembourg, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the Spanish Office for Science and Technology (SOST-CDTI) and the Superior Council for Scientific Research’ (CSIC) Delegation to the European Union, organized the webinar Response to COVID-19: solutions’ examples in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. It consisted in a digital, special edition of the “Los Mediodias de la Embajada” and the fourth edition of the cycle Spain Means Innovation, a Chamber’ initiative to boost Spanish companies’ commercial and business interests at a local level in Belgium and Luxembourg.

During the webinar, different good practice examples were shown on the development of innovative technologies and solutions which are being carried out in order to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, and both synergies and connections that can be established between the three countries were highlighted.

The webinar was inaugurated with welcoming words from H.E Ms. Beatriz Larrotcha Palma, Ambassador of Spain to the Kingdom of Belgium, who highlighted the importance of collaboration between countries in order to fight the pandemic, as well as thanking speakers and assistants for their presence. Boudewijn Catry, researcher at the Belgian public health and epidemiological center Sciensano spoke after her, and explained the Covid-19 epidemiological information’ management system launched by Belgium which has been identified by the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) as one of the leading for epidemiological monitoring in Europe.

Following him, Marina Martinez, H2020 Programme Officer at the CDTI-SOST office intervened and threshed the different innovation programs recently launched by the EU to fight the pandemic, as well as highlighting the important Spanish participation in the Horizon 2020 program in fields such as nanotechnology. After this, S.E. Sr. Bernardo de Sicart Escoda, Spanish Ambassador in the Great Duchy of Luxembourg, spoke and presented the important work of Spanish institutions and associations in Luxembourg to generate synergies between the two countries in all fields, including health.

After the firsts interventions the board of experts started, moderated by Sergi Farré, Cultural and Scientific Advisor of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium. Dr. Gérard Schockmel, specialist physician in infectious diseases at the Robert Schuman Luxembourg Hospital began by detailing the pandemic management in Luxembourg and current trends.

On the other hand, Adolfo Fernández, director, and Belén Cabal, main researcher, both of the center for nanomaterials and nanotechnology research CINN-CSIC-UO-PA, presented the innovative materials recently developed and its potential applications against Covid. José Maria Lagarón, of the IATA-CSIC research center, presented the development of a mask based on own nanotechnology as an example of rapid development of solutions against Covid given the scarcity of masks in the initial stages of the pandemic. Last, David Gering, Director of Communications at the Belgian pharmaceutical industry association (Pharma.be) explained the enormous importance of Belgium in the industry’s European network as well as of its impact on the Belgian economy.

During the question time, assistants to the event had the chance to express their doubts and comments to the speakers, such as the measures launched in Luxembourg, vaccination strategies or crisis management.

From the Official Spanish Commerce Chamber in Belgium and Luxembourg we would like to warmly thank all speakers for their excellent presentation, as well as to all participants for their presence.

Webinar on “Pension & inheritance: 2 problems, 1 solution!”

On March 23rd, the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg organised a webinar on “Pension & inheritance: 2 problems, 1 solution!” in collaboration with its member company Pareto. The conference was held by Gauthier Remaekers, Senior financial planner at Pareto.

Although inheritance & succession law are very complex and turn even more complicated when moving in transnational contexts, the reality is that the only way to protect familiar or personal wealth when facing retirement or inheritance is to draft a plan paying attention to different aspects. In this planification, the state pension after retirement should only cover around 30% on the annual income after retirement and corresponds to the “first pillar” of the plan. The pension systems differ importantly between countries and has to be taken into account, for example, in Belgium there is “pay as you go” system. The different pillars corresponding to savings and/or pensions fund are also critical in the planification and taxation has to be always kept in mind under Belgian law as taxes are higher than in other countries.

Taxation is nevertheless present in all phases of any wealth planning activity and, of course, especially in inheritance matters. The taxes paid in the revenues, indirect taxes are followed by an inheritance taxation that varies between countries and even regions within countries, for example in Belgium. Therefore, planification of wealth for inheritance is critical to smartly minimize the impact of this taxations. The order of inheritance and the number of legal heirs were also featured in the webinar to explain the different schemes or formulas that an inheritance can take in real life. For this retirement planning, the figure of an adviser can make the difference and all experts agree on the fact that the plan should be built in an inverted pyramid scheme featuring the different components of wealth (savings, real state, etc.) according to the foreseen economical needs.

Participants were able to ask questions to the speaker during the Q&A session. Thus, topics such as retirement in cross-countries context and regional taxes disparities were discussed.

From the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce we thank Pareto and Gauthier Remaekers for their excellent presentation as well as to all attendees for their present.


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