Meeting of the Forums Committee

On September 25th the third meeting of the year of the Forums Committee, a working group whose mission is to propose, organize and monitor the events organized by the Chamber, was organized telematically.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Pablo López Álvarez (FTI Consulting), a balance of the latest events organized by the “business circle” platform was made as well as new initiatives were proposed to be developed in the coming months, both locally and with the institutions of the European Union. Likewise, the activities carried out and the events planned within the framework of the Spanish Financial Forum and Competencia España Committees were discussed. Finally, the call for the 2020 Company of the Year Award, which is currently open, was discussed.

About the Chamber’s Committees

The Committees are made up by some of the members, as well as by the person in charge of the area in question in the Chamber.

These working groups have numerous functions: in-depth studies of proposals, problems, projects, and activities. Through them, the members influence the day-to-day life of the Chamber in order to better adapt the Chamber’s activities to the needs of the members.

At any time, a member can request the president of a Commission to join it or request the secretary general to create a new group.

The Chamber and StepStone company have renewed their collaboration for the next 3 years

The Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg has renewed for the next 3 years its collaboration agreement with StepStone, a leading digital employment platform with more than 20 years of experience in the search of online workers, with the aim of helping all the users of the portal to find a job.
This collaboration will facilitate the job search for all users of the website managed by the Chamber as the number of offers published daily in which Spanish is in demand will be increased.
With this extension of the collaboration agreement, the Chamber seeks to provide a wider and more beneficial service for the users of EmpleoBelux, facilitating the recruitment processes in Belgium and/or Luxembourg thanks to a recognised company such as Stepstone.


Meeting of the Board of Directors

On September 18th the Board of Directors of the Chamber met telematically.

During the meeting, a review was made of the current situation that the Chamber is going through as a result of the Covid-19, the Competition Committee and the Spanish Financial Forum were discussed and the next events and activities programmed were detailed.

In addition, the candidatures received for the Chamber’s Business of the Year Award were discussed, which will be resolved in the near future.

New 2020-2021 Communication Pack of the Chamber

The Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg has already available its new 2020-2021 Communication Pack that includes the advertising rates for this year, as well as the information about its media. You may also find the form you need to fill in for contracting advertising space.

Through this Pack, the Chamber aims to present a perfect multichannel ecosystem to boost the image of your company in 2021 and to provide tools that will allow you to reach your target audience in Belgium and Luxembourg.

You can check the Communication Pack here or in the Promotion division of the Trade Services section of the main menu.

In Memoriam of Carmen Bernad

I receive the news that Carmen Bernad passed away.

Along with sadness, a feeling of admiration and gratitude arises on me for all that Carmen Bernad has meant for the image of Spain in Belgium.

She was our Vice-President for decades, more than deserving the presidency, which she did not reach because of statutory reasons. Her dedication to the Chamber has no other explanation than her love to Spain.

Her services to Spain are countless. Her relationship with the Antwerp City Council and its Port Authority paved the way for Spanish business interested in the economic capital of Flanders.

Carmen’s father, born in Burriana, importer of orange, ended up opening a grocery store in 1919, which he named El Valenciano. Over the time, El Valenciano moved its headquarters to an old mansion near the city’s Grote Markt. Carmen and her brothers gave the business a cultural dimension, or even made of it a cosy public relations centre. I remember the wonderful sunset on the terrace of that building, surrounded by friends, listening to the concert of the carillon of the nearby cathedral. I also remember that, among the tourist attractions, El Valenciano was a postcard image. Carmen boasted of having a fig tree in her house, perhaps, she said, the only one in that latitude. During the winter she use to cover it with paper to “shelter” it. In the winery of El Valenciano you could be transported to La Rioja, to Ribera del Duero, to Jerez… Carmen was proud of the fact that “her wine” was tasted at the French Consulate in Antwerp, Marqués de Riscal. No doubt she ‘put a spike in Flanders’.

In 2013, aware of Carmen’s support, I suggested to Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo that the RUTA QUETZAL expedition should visit Flanders. Carmen, then Honorary Consul in Antwerp, opened the doors of the city to the young expeditionaries. A success in which her successor, Barbara Moreels, had a lot to do. Because of her age, this was the last service that the Chamber requested from her.

Carmen was awarded by King Albert II, as a member of the Order of Leopold I and, distinguished by King Juan Carlos I, with the Lady’s Bond of the Order of Civil Merit.

Carmen is a very important part of the history of our Chamber. A role model for all of us.

From here I express to her brother Luciano, the condolences in the mane of our Board of Directors.

May she rest in peace.

Juan Rodriguez-Villa Matons


Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg

Forum Committee Meeting

On February 11th, a Forum Committee Meeting was held at the headquarters of the Chamber in Brussels, this working group has per mission the proposal, organization and follow-up of the events organized by the Chamber.

During the meeting, chaired by Pablo López Álvarez (Vice-President of the Chamber), a balance of the latest activities and events organized by the “business circle” platform was made, highlighting the training organized in October on “Public Advisory Strategies and dialogue with the European institutions ”. Likewise, the program of activities for the next months and the launch of new initiatives such as Breakfast with the Eurocámara were discussed.

Forum Committee Meeting

On September 3rd , the Forum Committee, a working group whose aim is to offer, organize and follow the events of the Chamber, organized a meeting in the headquarters of the Chamber of Brussels.

During the meeting, chaired by Pablo López Álvarez (Vicepresident of the Chamber), the last events organized by the “Business circle” platform were discussed and new initiatives at the local level and with the European institutions for the next few months were submitted. Moreover, the Forum Committe discussed the possible speakers for the workshop on “Public advisory strategies and dialogue with the European institutions” organized by the Chamber the next October 2nd and 3rd.

About the Committees

The Committees are composed by some of our members as well as the responsible of the Chamber in the corresponding area.

These Committees have several responsibilities: to analyse thoroughly the proposals, problematic, projects and activities. Through them, the members influence daily the Chamber in order to better adapt the Chamber´s activities to their needs.

At all time, a member can ask the President of a Committee to be part of the Committee and ask the Secretary General to create a new group.

The Chamber launches the EmprendeBeLux’s website

Whilst the Chamber celebrates its first anniversary of EmprendeBeLux, a new website fully dedicated to the programme has just been launched. This initiative aims at giving visibility, networking and training to entrepreneurs and freelancers in Belgium and Luxembourg and that will be sponsored by ING Belgium.

The new website offers a full range of free tools to facilitate the starting up of a business in BeLux. With this new website users can download the Guide for Entrepreneurs where all the steps to set up a company are explained. The website also includes a set of guides with the different public aids and a collection of the latest updates that affect the companies.

The new website will also offer the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest news and next activities as well as showcase some of the participants that have already joined the programme.

We invite you to visit the website for more information.

ING: new sponsor of the EmprendeBeLux programme

The bank ING Belgium becomes the new sponsor of the programme EmprendeBeLux, an initiative of the Chamber aimed at Spanish entrepreneurs living in BeLux to help them starting up and consolidating their business.

With well-stablished experience on the Belgian entrepreneurial ecosystem, ING Belgium offers a full range of services particularly aimed at those who are starting up their business in the country as well as to those who are on a more advanced stage. The bank offers, among other services, comprehensive advice to open a bank account and personalized guidance on the financing possibilities for new projects.

On the other hand, the EmprendeBeLux programme has launched a new website, where users can find different free tools to start their project in BeLux. It gathers also the next events and relevant news for entrepreneurs in BeLux.

For more information about the services provided by ING Belgium we invite you to visit their website.

The Chamber launches a new newsletter focused on the Luxembourg market

The Chamber has decided to launch a new newsletter focused exclusively on the Luxembourg market.

Until now, the Chamber has prepared a joint newsletter for Belgium and Luxembourg twice monthly.

The objectives that we pursue with this new publication are:

  • Transferring news and more detailed information on business opportunities and economic relations between Spain and Luxembourg to our members and contacts in Luxembourg.
  • Positioning the newsletter of the Delegation of Luxembourg as a business networking tool better oriented to our subscribers in the Grand Duchy.

The newsletter will be sent twice a month in two versions (Spanish and English), and will include the following sections:

  • News & Events:
    • of the Chamber in Luxembourg.
    • of our members in Luxembourg.
    • of Luxembourgish collaborators and institutions.
  • Spain in Luxembourg
  • Get to know our members. A space dedicated to make the activity of our members in Luxembourg known through interviews.
  • Programs: Emprendebelux, Empleobelux, etc
  • Cultural collaborations in Luxembourg.

If you wish to start receiving the newsletter of the Delegation of Luxembourg, send an email to