Covid-19 Level 4 Alert: Stricter Rules from Monday 19 October

Following the worrying epidemiological situation, new, stricter measures will come into force from Monday 19 October. As of today, this situation brings the whole country to alert level 4 of the Covid-19 barometer (very high alert level).

The pressure on hospitals and on the continuation of health care not linked to Covid-19 is increasing. Some hospitals are facing numerous absences among their staff. Primary care, especially general medicine, also faces an increasing pressure.

The number of patients with Covid-19 in intensive care is now 2.5 times higher than at the end of March. To prevent hospitals from being further compromised, schools from closing, the economy from grinding to a halt and too many people from being isolated because of widespread containment, the Interinstitutional Concertation Committee has decided to take a number of measures:

  1. Close contacts are limited to a maximum of one person.
  2. Private meetings are limited to four persons for two weeks and always the same persons.
  3. Public meetings are limited to a maximum of four people.
  4. Teleworking becomes the rule, for the activities that allow it and with respect to the continuity of the management of companies and organisations, services and activities.
  5. Small markets and fairs remain open, but the consumption of drinks and food is prohibited. Markets and Christmas markets are prohibited.
  6. Cafes and restaurants are closed. This measure is valid for a period of four weeks and will be reviewed after two weeks. Take-away food can be collected from the establishment until 22h. Receptions and banquets organised by a professional restaurant or catering service are prohibited, except in hotels for guests staying there and funerary receptions (maximum forty people).
  7. Night shops must close at 22h. The sale of alcohol is prohibited after 20h.
  8. It is forbidden to be on the public highway between 24h and 5h, except for essential and non-delayable journeys, such as urgent medical reasons, business trips and travel between home and work.
  9. Indoor activities remain subject to existing protocols until their evaluation next Friday 23 October. The sale of food and drink is prohibited.
  10. Sports competitions: the space reserved for spectators will be halved from 400 to 200 (professionals) or made up solely of members of the same family unit (amateurs). Cafeterias and bars are closed.

The federal government and the governments of the federated entities will do their utmost to provide the best possible support to all those affected financially. Even so that the federal government will double the support it offers as a right of transition for self-employed people who are forced to close down. Existing support measures will be extended. An exemption from the ONSS (National Social Security Office) will also be introduced.

The measures enter into force today, Monday 19 October, and will remain in force for one month before being evaluated.