Company: Gibbs Hybrid Luxembourg
Interviewed person: Javier Basarte
Position: Partner Director

Shortly describe your professional career.

Graduated in Law, lawyer registered and with a Project Management diploma by the ICM in United Kingdom. I started my career in the Compliance departments of two technological giants like AMAZON and RAKUTEN. Thereafter, as an independent consultant, I participated in a project in London for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and once I was stablished in Luxembourg I continued with consulting projects in the EIB, Julius Baer and RBC, always in the AML speciality. About a year ago I became partner with a technological consulting firm to open Gibbs Hybrid Luxembourg company, exclusively focused on KYC-AML projects.

Which activity does your company currently develop in Luxembourg?

Gibbs Hybrid is a consulting firm with presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, the USA and Luxembourg, and has more than 700 consultants. It mainly offers technological transformation and project management services, and in Luxembourg specifically, KYC AML services for the local financial industry. We offer a service that covers from remediations, to daily support in the client´s activities.

Thanks to our structure we are able to offer different services within KYC under the same brand and even in diverse countries gather under a flexible pricing model and under one only supplier.

How does it differ from its competitors in Luxembourg?

Gibbs Hybrid mainly differs from its competitors because it covers a market, that in our opinion, is still undeveloped, which is what remains between the Big4 and the consulting firms placement agencies. We have a stable team of consultants, specifically selected taking into account the characteristics of the client and project, as well as a technological innovation department that provides us with important support. For all of this, we are able to offer flexibility and prices more adjusted to the client´s particularities.

It should also be noted that the consultancy is accredited as woman business owned and ethnic minority supplier, with multiple recognitions for this work.

What link does your company maintain with Spain?

Although we are not yet present in Spain, for any account migration exercise, AML risk analysis derived from accounts or the provision of services to Spanish clients to be integrated under the Luxembourg legislation, we would be well positioned taking into account our local regulation and Spanish market knowledge.