Company: SD Worx Spain
Person interviewed: Carlos Pardos González
Position: Managing Director

As a multinational company, SD Worx had already been present in Spain since last year, when it acquired Adessa. Now you opted again for Spain and Portugal to continue your international expansion strategy throughout Europe. Which growth opportunities does this region offer?

Spanish and Portuguese Market are experiencing in the Payroll and HR field a global transformation from on premise software to Payroll Managed service. Comparing to the rest of Europe Iberia has a significantly more important room from this transformation.
SD Worx core business being payroll outsourcing and more especially managed Service we see a very good opportunity both for our international customers and our local ones.

What are the main services carried out by SD Worx and what is your added value in comparison to other similar companies in the Iberian Peninsula?

Our core business is Payroll Managed Services which consist in outsourcing part or all the payroll process. Our value added for international companies is to offer a global payroll solution with a single provider and also a technology that help to consolidate and integrate payroll with external HR systems.
For domestic companies we offer a full solution from Payroll to Workforce management for any type of company size and complexity which is unique on the market. This offer is provided by SD Worx, a company that has more than 75 years’ experience in Europe and offer a stability and a range of certifications and data protection that are key for companies wishing to outsource their payroll.

Customer profiles

SD Worx offers globally its payroll and HR solutions to both SMEs and large organisations. What customer profiles are you targeting in Spain?

What makes our offer unique is that we are able to address any kind of size companies and any kind of industries delivering payroll and Workforce management solutions. SD Worx can help support employers as of 1 employee, all the way up to several thousands of employees, whether an employer needs only software or a mix of software, outsourced services, legal advise, HR compliance, etc.: we can deliver it all across Europe.

What are the most important challenges that SD Worx will be facing next year, regarding your settlement in Spain?

SD Worx needs to create a brand in Spain.  It is a very well known in Europe, but it needs to build an image in Spain. This will be done through several marketing campaigns, but the payroll market is relatively small, and our main image will be build serving customers and delivering them a unique service managed by a superb team of professionals that has an extended experience in the Spanish market.

SD Worx has recently become a sponsor member of the Chamber. What are the benefits you can expect to obtain from this membership?

We see a few key benefits to our membership: first and foremost, this partnership allows us to better understand the needs of Spanish employers, in Belgium, in Luxembourg and in their home country. Secondly, it allows us to help support Spanish employers to grow across Europe. One of the first requirements to grow is to hire and reward qualified people – which SD Worx is ideally positioned for.