Company: SALYWAN
Person Interviewed: Saly Camacho Pellicer
Position: International Executive Coach & Trainer
Email: saly.camacho@salywan.com
Website: www.salycamacho.com


Briefly describe your professional career.

After 30 years of activity, I’m specialised in diagnose and leadership development in top management, high potentials and female executives. I’m familiar with the functioning and culture of corporations in multinational environments, SMEs, family businesses and NGOs.

I believe that real change originates in the top of the organisation, because that is where the vision is created. Therefore, my proposals in group and individual formats are able to align the vision of the business with the training objectives, in search of ROI for both the company and the participant. I work in 4 languages.

What is your company currently doing in Luxembourg?

My work with men and women (65%-35%) of executive and C-suite profile has given me an interesting and rich perspective on the similarities and differences between the two when it comes to learning and implementing their leadership styles. That is why I am currently proposing specific leadership development programmes for executives women, both in individual and group formats. This offer is for companies and also for female executives who, on a personal basis, are interested in this kind of approach for their career.

What added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to your competitors?

The vision I have of Women’s Leadership is innovative and inclusive.

The training actions I carry out result in visible changes from the very first session.

First class and totally tailor-made support for my clients in transformation processes.

Flexibility to work in 4 languages. Specifically, in Spanish for managers/executives of Spanish companies located in Luxembourg.

International network of Executive Coaches.

What services can you offer to other members of the Chamber?

I propose a free Strategic Session in which we talk in order to clearly identify the needs of the potential client, and I make a tailor-made proposal, whether it is an executive who contacts me as an individual or an HRD, for example, interested in carrying out a project in her company.

My services end up taking the form of individual Executive Coaching Processes, Group Programmes and Motivational Talks.

Some of the topics that these interviews raise may be: redefining career goals, internal promotion, a company change, work-life balance working from home, stress management, among others.