Company: From de Roots
People Interviewed: Jaume Puigdefabregas and Pedro Fecha
Position: Managers


What kind of products do you offer at From De Roots? Are you targeting a specific sector?

From de Roots is a company that exports typical regional products from the entire Iberian Peninsula. We focus on wines, although we also want to introduce our gastronomic customs to Belgian customers. We offer high quality wines from the best regions of the peninsula at very affordable prices, including a very varied portfolio of wines: regional, biodynamic, natural wines with character, more traditional wines … as well as products that are perfect to accompany the wine and that represent something typical and essential of our culture: high quality ham, cheese, oil and, in the future, other types of products.

We want to transmit this philosophy to two types of sectors. On one hand, to the private sector by creating a community between our clients and the products we offer through e-commerce and social media platforms.

On the other hand, to the hospitality sector (bars, shops, and restaurants). Our offer depends on the specific needs they have. We not only offer high or medium-high range wines in different formats, but we also offer food products and even private counselling.

How did the idea of ​​creating From De Roots come about? What sets you apart from the competition?

From de Roots was born from a passion for wine, for the products of our land and the friendship of two friends from the Iberian Peninsula (one Portuguese and the other Spanish). Our desire, ambition and entrepreneurial sentiment are accompanied by an academic base in the framework of marketing, business management and chemistry, the last one being important when it comes to understanding the factors that influence the production and quality of wine. It is essential for us to emphasize that we both have close contacts (family or friends) who are already involved in the wine and food sector (distribution and production) in the peninsula.

In addition, there are several differentiating factors that position us in the market. From the very accessible prices for such high-quality products, to the proximity to our customers and our network of contacts (wineries, distributors and others). This last factor allows us to offer personalized recommendations to each client along with the most professional counselling.

Finally, we would like to add that we have certain strategies at a corporate and commercial level such as the organization of events to promote our brand, radio interviews and our extensive network of contacts.

What was it like being an entrepreneur in Belgium in times of coronavirus?

Entrepreneurship in times of coronavirus has had its pros and cons. The philosophy of the company focuses on adapting to all kinds of situations and knowing how to value the positive aspects of those situations that are not so favourable for the development of the brand.

Internally, the situation of the pandemic “helped” us to be able to carry out the entire organization and execution of the company in a more effective and focused way since all global activities (tourism, culture, restaurants, etc.) were stopped.

In general, even though the pandemic severely affected the sector, leaving many losses in its wake, different demands and opportunities emerged. The rise of companies that collect, transport and deliver food and other goods at home is an example of this.

What is your next goal?

We have several objectives. From consolidating ourselves in the private sector through our frequent buying clients to trying to enter the hospitality market (restaurants/shops) in a more visible way with our products.

In addition, another very important objective for our company is to find possible collaborations (raffles, joint events, stands in markets) with the ” win – win ” concept to promote the product and the brand. This is one of the reasons why we look forward to working with the Chamber.

Finally, in the coming months we will organize an event to promote the brand by offering a tasting of our products as well as counselling and presentation of the wines.