Company: Red Squirrel Services
Interviewed person: Mandy Patrick
Post: CEO / Founder
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Mandy Patrick
Shortly describe your professional career.

Since moving to Luxembourg in 1994 I have gone from entrepreneur to working in a private trading company and back to entrepreneur.

At the beginning I ran a trading business with my then partner, buying from the US Army in Germany as well as NATO, mostly truck tyres, but also batteries and metals and selling them for reuse/recycling in Luxembourg and the UK. This gave me my first experience of company registration, CCSS etc., as being a UK citizen living in Luxembourg but buying on American/Government soil in Germany, it was a challenge to navigate the Luxembourg Administration.

I then spent 12 years working with private commercial companies providing contract management support services for IT specialists. In that position I improved my knowledge of European business start-ups, company administration and reporting in Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK, operational structures and support contracts, accounting, VAT and financial account reporting. In addition, I perfected the Luxembourgish, French and German languages.

Since 2014 I run Red Squirrel Services, providing administrative and consulting support for entrepreneurs, startups and small and medium-sized companies based in Luxembourg.

Which activity does your company currently develop in Luxembourg?

We help customers achieve great results and sustainable business – without drama.

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, we have the experience, products and services to help you.

Working with independent consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners, we allow you to focus on your core business, taking care of all your back office and administrative requirements.

We are flexible and adapt to the changing needs of your business as you grow and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

What added value does your company offer in Luxembourg compared to its competitors?

According to our clients’ feedback, they prefer “boutique” style personalised services, where they do not feel like just a number, but like a valued client with a known name whose specific needs and requirements are understood.

We explain information without “technical jargon” so that the client understands it easily. We follow up and remind clients of their responsibilities and the necessary elements, minimising stress and potential problems with the Luxembourg administration bodies.

And, of course, we are in line with and competitive on pricing as our competitors.

Contributing to the community, we also actively participate in the Jonk Entrepreneuren projects and in the ideation camps of the Incubator of the University of the Luxembourg

What services can you offer to other members of the Chamber?

Support services to people wishing to set up their own business activities in Luxembourg, whether it be in an independent activity, commercial company or non-profit venture.

Continued support through back office and administrative services as much or as little as the client requires.  Bookkeeping, VAT reporting, Financial Statement preparation and commercial company tax returns.  As well as Administrative reporting updates etc.

Consultancy and training for the new entrepreneur including assistance with pitch presentation etc.