New measures adopted in Brussels and Wallonia to fight the Covid-19 virus

In view of the gravity of the second wave of the epidemic in Wallonia, the governments of Wallonia and the Walloon-Brussels Federation, in agreement with the governors of the five Walloon provinces, have adopted a series of measures in addition to those decided by the Federal Coordination Committee on October 23.

These measures enter into force on Monday 26 October and will last at least until 19 November.

  • Curfew extended from 22h to 6h

This curfew applies except in the case of essential travel that cannot be postponed, such as:

o Access to medical care;
o Assistance and care of the elderly, minors, disabled and vulnerable persons;
o Business travel, including travel to and from work.

  • Stores and shops

Purchases must be made by a maximum of two people (except for children under 12).

  • Teleworking

Teleworking is mandatory. In the case of occupations where workers are unable to perform their activities through telework, employers and unions must ensure that rules on social distancing, the use of protection masks and other health measures are effective and monitored.

  • Residencial centers, retirement and nursing homes

Visits to the residencial centers, retirement and nursing homes are limited to a maximum of one visitor per resident, always the same for 15 days. After this first 15-day cycle, either the visitor begins a new 15-day cycle of visits or a new visitor begins a new 15-day cycle of visits.

The visits must take place in a dedicated space and not in the room (except in exceptional end-of-life situations or in the presence of a slip syndrome).

In order to reinforce the teams that are in the front line in the nursing homes and hospitals, the Walloon Government also calls on home care nurses, nursing students, care assistants and medical students. For nursing homes and residential centers for the disabled, educators are called upon. All these people can get involved on the website

  • Higher education

All higher education classroom courses are suspended until November 19 (except for practical work, laboratories and internships).

  • Sports

All indoor sports are suspended until November 19, except for children under 12.

Amateur sports competitions and sports training for children over 12 are prohibited.

In addition, Brussels has also taken the measures announced below:

  • The curfew will be extended from 22h to 6h, as in Wallonia.
  • Protection masks are once again compulsory at all moment outdoors.
  • It will be forbidden to gather more than four people in the public space.
  • Drastic reinforcement of teleworking by making it compulsory.
  • The stores will have to close at 20h. Only one person will be allowed to enter the stores to do their shopping. Deliveries can be made until 22h.
  • Cultural centers, theaters and cinemas must close, as well as all sports facilities. All sports competitions are cancelled, even for children under 12, but training sessions for those under 18 will continue. Training sessions for those over 12 are also cancelled.
  • The rules regarding residencial centers do not change, visits are still limited to two people.
  • Marriage celebrations will only take place in the presence of the spouses, their witnesses and the registrar (civil marriage) or the officiant (religious marriage). For funeral ceremonies, only a maximum of 15 persons are allowed.

All these measures are applicable from today, October 26th until November 19th.

Sources: Wallonie and bx1